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FESSAP eyes Fil-German skiing bet for Winter Games

Calo, Dodjie & Sharon Fabian
Prof. Calo with Dodjie and Sharon Fabian

THE Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP), through its Winter Ski and Skating Committee (FWSSC) Chair, former Department of Trade (DTI) executive Michael Dodjie Fabian, has started sending the registration forms to university student-athletes who wish to participate in the 30th Winter Universiade in Lucerne, Switzerland, from December 11-21, 2021.

Fabian has been in constant communication with FESSAP Executive Vice President Prof. Robert Milton Calo, Chairman of FESSAP Monitoring and Preparation Committee, and Co-Chair of FWSSC.

Prof. Calo welcomes the idea of tapping Fabian’s former colleagues in the DTI international business section to help in the distribution of FWSSC registration forms to Filipino student-athletes who study abroad, particularly those in Europe and the United States.

So far, Fabian has expressed interest in recruiting a Filipino-German competing in a Cross Country ski event in the city of Cologne, Germany, and has sought to extend a registration invitation to them.

The FWSSC will assist student- athletes who have registered to join the Winter University Games, particularly in figure skating (men, women, ice dance), and short track speed skating events.

Prof. Calo said that the FESSAP intends to regularly send athletes to FISU events to optimize the exposure of Filipino student-athletes and boost their credentials as well.

The Winter Universiade selection process entails the expression of interest to participate by FESSAP to FISU at least 10 months before the event date.

This is followed by the submission of the number of athletes per country per sport, at least seven months before the event date.

Fabian, who was the Philippines’ head of delegation during the 29th Winter Universiade 2019, said every country may nominate as many as three figure skaters each for men’s, women’s, and ice dance.

However, only 36 figures skaters or pairs per event from all countries may signify interest to join in the final competition lineup following the application of ISU rules and regulations.

Fabian added that for prospective information in the 2019 Winter Universiade, 48 figure-skating nominees for the women’s category were submitted by the various NUSFs worldwide but only 36 saw action.

During this time of the pandemic, the FESSAP has yet to determine how many countries and/or figure skaters will be interested to participate in the postponed Lucerne Winter Universiade which should be held in January 2021 but it was deferred by 11 months due to COVID-19 and moved to December 2021.

The Quantitative Entry mentioned by the Winter Universiade Delegation Services refers to the Philippine delegation in total.

The FWSSC needs to send the number of athletes in sports and disciplines, as well as the number of officials (i.e. coaches, team officials, administrative officials, and medical staff) in all the events that the Philippines intends to compete in Winter Universiade.

This may be a good opportunity for these student-athletes to register now and be nominated in the short track speed skaters of six men and six women as well.

Prof. Calo was very thankful to FISU First Vice President Leonz Eder of the Swiss University Federation, for encouraging FESSAP participation in the 30th Winter Universiade 2021 which will be organized by his country. By Graham Lim