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FEU-Manila Film Students Set to Release Debut Film “Hakbang Saan?” – A Poignant Reality of Urban Life in Manila

Hakbang Saan

Manila, Philippines – Talented film students from FEU-Manila, Kalye Productions, are preparing to release their first film called “Hakbang Saan?” It tells the story of Benjo, a man from a province that struggles to survive in the urban life that Manila offers. The film showcases the unfortunate reality of living as a poor man in the country. It centralizes on debunking the idea of hope in urbanization while highlighting the struggles and challenges that people from lower socioeconomic status have to endure to fend for themselves daily. The entirety of the setting and perspective will be shown through the eyes of Benjo, accentuating rapid urbanization and the realism associated with living in Manila.

The film is directed by Kyle Trinidad and was created through a collaboration of different creative minds. Anna Valle wrote the story, Andre Coros developed the screenplay, and Ernest Joseph Manalili was the Director of Photography. Arianna Baltan produced the film with Kale Aaron Baccay as the Assistant Director and Rhodie Maria Cerdiña, Jiro Manuel Gendrano, and Harbie Lo as Camera Operators. Karl Ferrer, the Editor, skillfully handled the post-production.

Hakbang Saan

Nel Estuya, a freelance film actor, plays the lead role of Benjo. Estuya’s remarkable acting skills have been displayed in mainstream and independent films like Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral and Delia and Sammy. He also has been recognized in SinePiyu XV: Liwayway for his outstanding performances in Kwentong Barbero and Hanggang sa Dulo ng Mundo, which have earned their spots as finalists in the All Tamaraws Division. Estuya’s portrayal of Benjo is subtle and authentic, making the film a compelling watch for those searching for their sense of belonging in the world.

Kalye Productions is excited to release “Hakbang Saan?” on May 20 in Viddsee and hopes that the film will show the audience the realities of urban life. To learn more about the release of “Hakbang Saan?” and Kalye Productions, you can visit their Facebook page @kalyeproductions.

Hakbang Saan

Kalye Productions

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