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Fighting Corruption: Where Do We Begin?

2023 Budget

Solving corruption under the present or any administration starts in approving the national budget; in discerning and determining massive portions of it that can be easy sources of corruption – to chuck them altogether decisively and without qualms.

The Senate or Congress cannot afford to be hasty/lax in approving the government’s “proposed” budget of P5.268 for 2023. The Department of Budget and Management appears remiss (intentional or unintentional) in doing its job to assure that each budget submitted to its office is not laden with corrupt intentions. Senator Sonny Angara is right on track in questioning the “unidentified programs” of departments/agencies.

Yes, the fight against corruption starts with you, Congress (in approving the budget), then it is transported to your own offices, the Executive branch and the judiciary, each self-policing its own ranks and exclusive turf – out and out, all throughout – under the surveilling eye of the Commission on Audit. Everyone has a part to play in this, including even every single lowly Filipino on the planet. Play your part, media. It is a battle (for all of us) more urgent than natural calamity preparedness and more real than the “cold wars” of superpower nations.

The ball now is in your hands, dear senators and congressmen, and the media.

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