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Fish kill hits Lake Sebu

ANOTHER fish kill hit Lake Sebu in South Cotabato on Friday, forcing tilapia fish cage operators to launch a massive emergency harvest.

Lake Sebu Mayor Floro Gandam confirmed in a radio interview on Saturday the latest fish kill has affected fish cages in three barangays surrounding the 354-hectare mountain lake.

He said the affected areas were portions of the lake’s waters in barangays Poblacion, Bacdulong, and Takunel.

The emergency harvests are ongoing to save the remaining tilapia,” the mayor said.

He assured that the tilapia from the lake delivered to various markets are safe to consume.

Makati City Pabakuna

Gandam said Municipal Agriculture Office personnel are currently determining the extent of the damage and come up with the necessary interventions.

He assured that the local government will provide the necessary assistance to the affected fish cage operators.

The mayor said the fish kill was triggered anew by the occurrence of “kamahong,” a phenomenon that is mainly caused by the sudden rise in the water’s temperature.

Kamahong,” which usually occurs during the rainy season, triggers the rise of sulfuric acid that eventually lowers the dissolved oxygen in the lakes’ waters.

The last series of major fish kill in Lake Sebu occurred in 2017 that destroyed over PHP120 million worth of tilapia. Philippine News Agency