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Follow through UN Climate Ruling, Makakalikasan Party urge government

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The Makakalikasan Party welcomes the landmark United Nations (UN) ruling asking the world’s top court to clarify states’ obligations regarding climate change in demanding more action from greenhouse gas emitters.

Favorable judicial pro-environment interpretations of our constitution and laws have proven very supportive of pushing our Green Agendas in the past. This includes the Supreme Court (SC) Alcala vs Factoran decisions on intergenerational equity, the continuing SC Mandamus on the rehabilitation of Manila Bay and affirmation of the National Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), among others. Quasi-judicial bodies such as the country’s Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has also made its own ruling in the accountability of Carbon Majors to the climate emergency.

This UN Climate Ruling and the anticipated clarification from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the obligations of states to combat climate change will further strengthen and add to the growing pressure for climate justice to complement our own country’s judicial rulings.

Thus, the Party urges the government to follow through now to demand for climate justice from industrialized countries and their multinational companies that are the major emitters of greenhouse gasses (GHG) that are driving global warming and our current climate emergency.

“Our representation in the UN and its relevant bodies on climate actions must move more aggressively now to articulate our demands on lost damages, deep cuts on GHG emissions, sufficient & timely climate action financing and other similar positions”, says Party President Roy Cabonegro.

Party Spokesperson Rommel Ortega added that “…domestically, it is timely now for the government to pursue more widely and aggressively more expansive EPR (extended producers’ responsibility) policies and enforcement upon companies operating in the Philippines to curb pollution and GHG emissions; starting with our current EPR on plastic pollution law.”

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