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Food Preservation Techniques – A Discovery Moment at Sheraton Manila Bay

Food Preservation Techniques

Manila, Philippines – Step into Sheraton Manila Bay and be transported back in time to rediscover our local food preservation techniques. Three hundred years ago, Filipino cuisine looked quite different from what we enjoy today. Dishes like adobo existed back then but were known by a different name—adobado, meaning to marinate. Our food reflects how our culture has evolved over time. This coming May 23, Sheraton Manila Bay sets the scene and takes us hundreds of years back to an immersive experience of the rich tapestry of Filipino culinary heritage and traditional preservation methods, specifically discovering dishes from Southern Tagalog, Pampanga, Zamboanga, and Cordillera.

We will explore traditional alcoholic Filipino drinks such as Lambanog (local distilled palm liquor) and Basi (native Ilocano fermented liquor). In partnership with Limtuaco Distillery, renowned for its exquisite spirits, Sheraton Manila Bay will first take guests on a journey through artisanal cocktails as Distillery Limtuaco gives a brief explanation of what these two unique ingredients are and what cocktails can be made with these liquors as their base.

At the heart of this event lies a celebration of heirloom food preservation techniques from diverse regions, each contributing unique dishes that encapsulate centuries of culinary tradition. Imagine savoring the delicate flavors of “Pinais na Sugpo,” featuring fresh prawns and young coconut enveloped in pechay and banana leaves, slowly cooked in coconut water and creamy coconut cream. This dish, hailing from Southern Tagalog, embodies the art of wrapping ingredients in natural materials to seal in flavors.

From the coastal kitchens of Zamboanga emerges “Bacalao in Saffron Ravioli,” showcasing dried salted cod, olive oil, heirloom tomatoes, and locally sourced Malagos Ricotta cheese, all encased in homemade pasta. It’s a fusion of Spanish and Filipino influences, reflecting the region’s rich culinary history. Venturing into the highlands of Cordillera, guests will be treated to a unique twist on a Filipino classic with “Sinigang Pork Etag Burrito,” where smoky pork belly meets Ifugao mountain rice, wrapped in warm flatbread—a comforting blend of textures and flavors.

Pampanga’s culinary legacy shines through “Pindang Damulag,” a dish featuring tender beef preserved in a flavorful marinade, served with moringa nachos and Davao’s chevre-style cheese, creating a symphony of tastes that pay homage to local ingredients. And what Filipino culinary experience would be complete without a sweet finale? Indulge in “Halo-Halo de lloco,” a delightful concoction of carabao milk, Bacnotan honey, cassava, saba banana, ube kamoteng kahoy, and young coconut—a true celebration of tropical flavors. The evening will be accompanied by an array of handcrafted cocktails, featuring indigenous spirits like Lambanog and Basi, creatively blended with local fruits and herbs. From the refreshing “Basi Spritz” to the intriguing “Nightcap” combining Basi, Liqueur de Cacao, and espresso, each cocktail is a tribute to Filipino craftsmanship.

Alongside Limtuaco Distillery, guests will also have the chance to sample and purchase products from La Comida Goa, our local partner. They have prepared products such as canned Laing, Bicol Express, and Sinantolan. Inspired by the love and cravings for local food, coupled with the desire to support and uplift the lives of people in Camarines Sur, La Comida Goa’s mission is to promote Bicolano culture through food that reminds them of home.

Join us this 23rd of May at Sheraton Manila Bay and discover Food Preservation Techniques.

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