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Foundation works on-going for Bataan’s Ala-Uli Flyover Project

Bataan Flyover Project

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is working really hard on drilling works for the the substructure or foundation of the Ala-Uli Flyover Project along Roman Highway in Bataan.

DPWH Senior Undersecretary Emil K. Sadain said that excavation of boreholes for the flyover foundation are at 50 percent, with 20 out of 40 drilling locations completed using drilling rig with bucket type machine.

However, inspection report to Secretary Manuel M. Bonoan by Senior Undersecretary Emil K. Sadain following his project visit on September 23, 2022 in Pilar, Bataan revealed that hard and sound bedrock encountered in some locations when drilling boreholes exceeding depth of 30 meters could hamper progress of the flyover construction.

The four (4)-lane 607.750-meter long flyover project located in the intersection of Gov. J.J. Linao National Road and Roman Superhighway in Barangay Ala-Uli, Pilar, Bataan consists of 195.59-meter modular steel flyover, 80 meter transition road each side, and 124.612-meter Road Approach A and 126.269-meter Road Approach B.

According to Senior Undersecretary Sadain, the construction of this flyover with duration period of 18 months is similar to the construction of a bridge with three (3) main elements. First, the substructure or foundation consists of components such as columns also called piers and abutments which transfers the loaded weight of the flyover to the ground.

Bataan Flyover Project

The two (2) abutments is the connection and provides support for the end section of the superstructure and the road carried by the earth.

Second, the superstructure of the flyover is the horizontal platform that spans the space between columns.

Finally, the deck of the flyover is the traffic-carrying surface added to the superstructure.

As one of the DPWH priority projects to be implemented under the Mega Bridges for Urban and Rural Development Project (MBURDP), the Provincial Government of Bataan and LGU of Pilar extended support by spearheading immediate coordination with the concerned public utility companies in the relocation of affected utilities and initiate clearing of existing structures.

Through a memorandum with DPWH, the

LGU also help facilitate the acquisition, payment and clearing of road right of way,

access road and the like for the project site, and the preparation of traffic management and rerouting plan including the enforcement of the same.

Construction of the two (2) abutments, concrete pavement and slope protection for each approach road of the flyover, and the launching/installation of the bridge superstructure is under the implementation of DPWH Regional Office 3 with assistance of Bataan 2nd District Engineering Office.

On the otherhand, DPWH Unified Project Management Office-Bridges Management Cluster will provide the French-supplied superstructure materials of the flyover.

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