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Francisco putting MPD stations to account a good move

A RECENT random inspection made by newly-installed Manila Police District (MPD) Director, PBGen. Leo Francisco resulted in the relief of a station commander.

It also spurred a thorough accounting of all personnel assigned in all of the other MPD police stations.

Francisco was upset that when he conducted surprise inspections on a weekend, specifically a Saturday, he found the MPD-Station 9 lacking in enough number of personnel.

During his visit to MPD-Police Station 9, Francisco was said to have found only 15 personnel present.

Because of this development, Lt. Col. Robert Sales was relieved as commander of the MPD-Station 9 in Malate, Manila. He was replaced by PLt. Col Cristito Acohon, formerly assigned at the MPD-Station 4 in Sampaloc.

Alongside this, Francisco also ordered all MPD-Station 9 personnel to report to him. The order included those who are on their day-off.

A headcount was done to determine how many are actually reporting to work on a regular basis.

Francisco expressed dismay that seven personnel were unaccounted for while five were said to be on authorized absence, even as two only reported on the following day.

Francisco was clear in stating it was not how he wants MPD Police Stations to be run. For him, Sales failed to follow guidelines and supervise his area of responsibility properly.

According to Francisco, 85 percent of each station’s personnel must be fulfilling their duties while 15 percent must be handling administrative work.

In the case of Sales, Francisco said he has 176 personnel in all. Of the number, 60 are deployed in the three police community precintcts (PCPs) under Station 9.

This, he explained, leaves the station with 116 personnel. Divide this by two shifts would mean that 58 personnel must be there per shift. Now 15 percent of 58 is nine, which, still according to Francisco, means that 49 of the station’s personnel must be out there keeping peace and order.

Francisco further computed that with five personnel on day-off, the said police station should have had at least 40 or more working outside.

Unfortunately, he pointed out, only eight personnel were found inside the station while five were out.

Francisco vowed that similar random, surprise inspections will now be a regular thing under his administration to ensure that all policemen assigned at the MPD are truly, religiously reporting to duty.

This move of Francisco is certainly bad news for those who may be in the habit of being ’15-30’ or those who report only every 15th and 30th of the month because they are close or give special favors to their immediate superiors.

A lifestyle check may also come in handy since there are some cops who flagrantly display their wealth that are definitely not commensurate to their salaries.

Some policemen I know welcome the decision of Francisco to have a thorough accounting of personnel and make each and everyone perform his duties as expected.

Not only is this fair for all MPD policemen, specially those in the lower ranks. It is also what is expected of them specially by the citizens of Manila.

Let’s just hope that he will sustain this all throughout his term. It’s about time that the system be fair to everyone at the MPD and for the district to keep up to its tag as ‘the country’s premier police district.’


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Itchie G. Cabayan
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