Manila, Philippines – Tinta Productions, a group of talented student filmmakers from Far Eastern University, is gearing up to release their latest short film, Linya.

The film centers around the story of a woman who, after being abandoned by her family, is forced to live on the streets and resort to stealing in order to survive. Through the eyes of two very different girls, the film explores the theme of privilege and how it affects one’s perspective of the world around them.


Arianna Louise Lopez, a 4th-year AB Communication student at Ateneo de Manila University, takes on the lead role of Ella.


Renaissance “Inna” Tuason, known for her performances in previous films such as Ang pagsanib kay Leah Dela Cruz (2017) directed by Katsi Flores and Imago (2016) directed by Raymund Ribay Guiterrez, portrays the character of Bianca.


Heading the production team, Vea Carreon serves as the director and writer, while Princess Cardona is the scriptwriter. Jhuly Sta. Cruz acts as the assistant production designer. Clark Montalban, along with co-camera operator Kyle Torda, handles the film’s cinematography. Zoe Dela Paz takes on the role of the production manager, with Jemcy Esguerra as the production designer. Tricia Mapalad serves as the producer, overseeing the entire production.

The trailer for Linya is set to be released in June. For further updates and information on the release, please visit Tinta Productions’ social media pages.

Princess Ayeka Cardona
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