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FunnyBox! Top Online Money Making App 2021 Review


The average person spends about four hours a day on their cell phones—and about 90% of that time is spent using apps. So why not turn your mindless scrolling into extra cash? We rounded up our favorite online money making app, that helps you earn from home easily during the epidemic. Yes, really. Read on to see how can earn money on your phone, wherever you are.

What is FunnyBox

FunnyBox is an online earning game app that allows you to earn real money or Free gift cards by downloading free apps, games or completing surveys. After completing the task, you can redeem your points for cash or coupons anytime and anywhere.

How to Play

  1. Click the link below to download the FunnyBox app, and use My Refer Code For Free 150 Coins:
    https://jadiduit.id/funnybox.html?channel=journal_ph (Code: 78ANtiTk)
  2. Login with your Facebook account.
  3. Have fun completing the game tasks you like and cash out REAL coins every day!
  4. Every coin is worth real money with fast payment through PayPal.

Why is FunnyBox so popular recently?

When we were browsing Youtube recently, we often saw KOL recommending Funnybox. In addition, according to data research, we also found that users in many countries such as India and Indonesia have already downloaded Funnybox. So we decided to download the app to verify whether this app can make money online.


First, we downloaded the app from the official website, submitted the recommendation code according to the instructions of the KOLs, and obtained 150 coins. Then, we can see that the app has a total of four sections, the tasks, activities, withdrawals, and friend recommendation sections are very clear.

  • Daily check-in

Veteran users can get 280 points when they sign in and complete 1 task every day.

  • Mission accomplished

The task is simple. Each task has different bonus points according to the difficulty level. And there are many types of tasks, including application downloads, filling out questionnaires, completing the specified game duration, watching videos, etc., which are very convenient for us to complete in our leisure time.

  • Invite friends

If you invite your friend to FunnyBox and fill in your invitation code when he signs up, then you can get an extra 10% of coins collected by each friend you invite. For example, if the friend you invited gets 10,000 points, then you will get 1,000 points. The more friends you invite and join the FunnyBox earning app, the more money you will make in this earning apk.


  • Exchange

When we complete a series of tasks and plan to exchange, we can find that the types of exchanges are very rich and the withdrawal speed is very fast, which shows that they can provide guaranteed super fast payouts.


After playing for 1 hour, we finally know why everyone chooses to download funnybox. We think Funnybox can be more perfect and can become an excellent money-making game application. If you usually have a lot of spare time, you might as well download funnybox and experience making money online.

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