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GAB to implement revised JAO guidelines for sports

Mitra Masanguid & Trinidad
Chairman Baham Mitra and Commissioners Mar Masanguid and Ed Trinidad.

THE Games and Amusements Board (GAB) will not let its guard down in its battle against the deadly coronavirus disease even as it braces itself for the launching of more professional sports leagues in 2021.

GAB Chairman Abraham “Baham” Mitra said the government regulatory sports agency will continue to implement the supplemental guidelines to the Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-0001 to ensure that health and safety protocols will be followed in all professional sports.

The GAB will continue to stay vigilant in the coming months. We will not relax and let our guard down, especially with the threat of the coronavirus still with us,” said Mitra in an interview with People’s Tonight.

This year, we will continue to implement the provisions of the supplemental guidelines of the JAO, which the GAB signed with the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and Department of Health (DOH),” explained Mitra, who was appointed by President Duterte as GAB Chairman in 2016.

This new order will really determine the future of all sports events in the country this year. We will continue holding our sports events in accordance with the latest government directives to ensure the safety of our professional athletes and the general public. Whether it is a full athletic bubble or, open or closed-circuit, we will make sure that GAB is on top of everything.

A three-time lawmaker from Palawan, Mitra said GAB will hold virtual public consultation with officials of the different professional sports associations on Monday to get their thoughts about the supplemental guidelines.

Although the COVID-19 vaccines are already out in the market, we have to remember that we are still under General Community Quarantine with a threat of a new coronavirus strain. That’s why we, the GAB and pro sports stakeholders, have to continue to adhere with the IATF and DOH guidelines in order to ensure the safety of our athletes and the general public.” explained Mitra.

Mitra also welcomed the launching of several new professional leagues, such as the Beach Volleyball Republic (BVR), Juego Todo Weaponized Fighting and Pilipinas Vis-min Super Cup basketball tournament.

Last year, we were able to enlist five professional leagues, particularly the Professional Chess Association of the Philippines (PCAP), Premier Volleyball League (PVL), Chooks-to-Go 3×3 Pilipinas, National Basketball League (NBL) and Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL),” said Mitra.

Although we are advocating the policy of self-regulation among our professional sports associations,we are still thankful to all the leaders of these sports organizations for recognizing the value of government regulations over the conduct of sports,” he added.

Under Mitra and Commissioners Mar Masanguid and Ed Trinidad, GAB will also continue to push for the promotion of gender-neutral pro sports activities.

GAB is also very happy to report that many all-female sports leagues have decided to embrace professional status during the last quarter of 2020, such as the Premier Volleyball League), Palawan Queen’s Gambit of PCAP and WNBL,” explained Mitra.