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Gambling’s Vicious Cycle: The Losers and Crooks


Instead of stopping gambling, they legalized it.

Gambling leads to poverty of every kind (life, body, soul and spirit), not to prosperity. Here’s the vicious cycle, deceptiveness, subtlety and stupidity of lotto/lotteries, POGO, casino, e-sabong, cockfighting, horse racing, etc., and that of the government’s goal to raise tantalizing “revenues” from legalized gambling as “income-generating” activities:

People are duped to pursue riches by laying odds in games of chance called gambling only to surely channel their bet money (which money they are supposed to use in feeding and supporting their families) to the nation’s coffers and which coffers serve as milking cows for the avaricious or crooks in the government.

Cheers! They are all a big “success” as the country continues to plunge to the pit by losing unbelievably huge money to corruption, year after year – P700 billion as reported in 2019 by Deputy Ombudsman Cyril Ramos. Imagine that. They address money problem when they should be addressing heart problem or corruption.

Question: Who are the sure winners in lotto that need not risk even a single peso bet from their own purse (or loot)? Answer: The corrupt and soulless.

Wait, there’s more: Millions of bettors are watching and waiting regularly for Lotto results when the results stare them daily in the face. They watch and wait for a “miracle” superstitiously when they should be dreaming and working hard, believing and living right.

While a few winners of lotto (or gambling) are drawn “closer” to God out of gratefulness to Him, countless untold losers are desperately driven to atheism for blaming God why, after many years of buying lotto tickets, they still are not winning even a consolation prize. Thus, be it in the physical or spiritual realm, gambling is bad for any person and nation.

Amid the controversy surrounding the Grand Lotto jackpot prize of P236-million as having won by 433 bettors, I heard in the news a man confessing that he had the regret of his life. He bemoaned that had he saved the money he had spent (wasted) on lotto tickets, he could have bought a house and lot for his family that has gone broke because of his lotto addiction.

Now tell me, officials of our country, how can gambling be good to the economy, much less to the lives and families of our people? Where has gambling “revenues” brought us all, Filipinos, from the time you first made gambling legal to make it a source of “revenues” (or trouble) for the government (or crooks) to serve and bless the country (or your vested/personal/political interests)?

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