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Garbage, flooding problems

Aquino Airport

WITH its decision to set up a granular and brick-making facility in Tondo, Manila, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is on track in addressing the flooding and garbage problems in the country’s premier region.

Set up at the Vitas pumping station in Tondo, the facility is capable of “processing wastes,” including plastics, into bricks, hollow blocks, concrete barriers, compost and charcoal.

MMDA Chairman Benjamin “Benhur” Abalos Jr. led the inauguration of the facility yesterday.

Various quarters acknowledged that garbage clogging waterways, like rivers, esteros and drainage canals, is one of the major causes of flooding in the heavily-populated metropolis.

And what’s saddening and revolting is even the so-called biodegradable materials, like plastic, tires, glass, bottles and batteries, are thrown into drainage canals and other waterways.

If not disposed properly, these non-biogradable things cause pollution, block drains and even harm animals.

That’s why we commend the MMDA for setting up the facility, which is part of its flood management project that aims to address the flooding and garbage problems in the metropolis.

In a speech during the inauguration , Abalos Jr., a former city mayor, said such facility is seen to prolong the service life of a sanitary landfill through the reduction of solid waste.

Hopefully, local government units (LGUs) in various parts of the country, with the same flooding and garbage problems as MM, will establish the same facility now – and fast.

It will be good for the LGU and the public.