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Ghostly Photos of the “White Lady” Captured on Drake’s Island

Drake’s Island
Drake’s Island

Drake’s Island in Plymouth, England, is rumored to have numerous ghosts but none of them seem to have any malicious intent. Nevertheless, the many ghosts on the island are known to make themselves known and some have even played tricks and pinched visitors’ behinds.

Cathie Gillespie, who is the island’s steward, reiterated this by saying, “People think of hauntings or activity as being something out of Hollywood, where you have things being thrown across rooms or heads turning 360 and people throwing up.” “The spirits we have on the island are all naughty and mischievous, and like to play games, but they’re not nasty.”

She went on to say that she thinks there could be as many as 15 spirits who reside on the island and they make themselves known by coughing, whistling, and footsteps. She also revealed some interesting and ghostly photos of the “white lady” who is said to haunt the area.

In one of the pictures, there seems to be a ghostly apparition wearing all white that is standing directly behind a female employee named Jan. She explained that Jan was feeling uneasy as if something was touching her at that moment and that’s when Derek (the captain of the ferry that brings visitors to the island) took the photo that seemingly showed an apparition behind her.

Even the security guards have experienced strange things as Cathie explained, “This ranges from batteries shooting out the front of torches to one of our security guards, who’s a big bloke, feeling a hand tying the tie on his shirt. However his tie was a clip on, so there was nothing to tighten.”

White LadyThe spirits sometimes get a little hands-on with those on the island. “We’ve got nothing nasty on the island. The only thing I feel threatened by is getting my bum pinched! We’ve had people on our ghost tours who’ve had their bra straps pinged.” “We’ve had one young girl who, as she was walking round, something was pinching the back of her thigh and her bum.”

Other entities enjoy playing games as one time when a ghost hunter was investigating the island, his pants fell down as if someone was tugging on them. Some spirits find comfort in nuzzling against people’s necks.

One summer night, Derek was sure he heard Cathie singing at the Governor’s house but nobody was there and the building was boarded up. Knocking sounds and voices saying, “Hello I’m here! Hello!” have been heard coming from the house.

People have smelled roses and freesias behind the Garrison block even though there aren’t any roses on the island. A happy female spirit is believed to wander around that location. Interestingly, those who wear strong perfume often get their necks touched or sniffed by a male entity.

Mediums have been brought to the island in an attempt to move the spirits on but some of them have decided that they were happy there and wanted to stay.

The ghostly photographs can be seen here. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/history/drakes-island-tale-white-lady-5441557

by Jocelyne LeBlanc
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