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Ghosts That Appear Every Halloween Night in the UK


Halloween is certainly a creepy time of year, but in the United Kingdom, it is also the time when many ghosts are said to make appearances. So, let’s jump right in and find out about these ghostly visitors that allegedly wander around each year on October 31st.

When the Pittodrie House hotel in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, caught on fire many years ago, a maid was caught inside and fell to her death while trying to escape. Her cries for help can be heard on the staircase but only on Halloween. Another spirit has been seen in the library, while the apparition of a carriage being pulled by a horse can be witnessed on the driveway.

Fairies have been spotted once a year on October 31st planning a secret session at the Coves of Culzean in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland.

At Deil’s Cradle in Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, a stone is allegedly seen floating in the air on Halloween night. The Devil is sitting on it and is surrounded by witches until the sun comes up.

A wooded hollow in Tuamgraney, County Clare, Ireland, is suddenly filled with demonic creatures on Halloween that include rams and dogs with red eyes.

The spirit of a young man who hung himself at Hawkesdale Hall in Cumbria, England, appears every Halloween holding a lantern and walking towards the River Caldew before disappearing into the water.

A ship that was transporting stolen bells from the abbey sunk at the Black Nab and now each year on Halloween, if a person walks close to the rock and yells out the name of their true love, the wind will repeat the name, and the bells that are submerged in the water can be heard ringing. (This is in Whitby, Yorkshire, England.)

Bonnewells Lane in Bransby, Lincolnshire, England, is apparently quite active on October 31st as people have reported witnessing a sow walking along with her young litter, as well as a female entity wearing a silk dress.

If anyone dares to walk around a church in Chirbury, Shropshire, England, a total of twelve times at midnight on October 31st, they will allegedly hear all the names of the locals who will die within the next year.

Every Halloween at the Netley Abbey ruins in Hampshire, England, three female apparitions will appear and walk along the walls of the ruins. The ghost of Blind Peter has also been witnessed but just not on Halloween – he’s much more active. Phantom bells have been heard on the property as well.

GhostIf anyone stares at the church in Crowcombe, Somerset, England, at midnight on October 31st, they will allegedly see the ghosts of those who will pass away within the next year.

A woman dressed in blue has occasionally been seen near the church in Canewdon, Essex, England. However, the creepiest allegation is that if you run around the church three times in a counter-clockwise direction on Halloween, you will supposedly travel through time.

At Carleton Crematorium in Blackpool, England, there have been reports of a ghostly man with long hair, sunken eyes, and a green face. Another legend dictates that every year at midnight on Halloween, a horse will manifest and run towards the gates before disappearing.

I don’t know about you, but I think I would stay away from these haunted locations on October 31st. The full list of all the ghostly apparitions throughout the month of October in the United Kingdom can be read here on The Paranormal Database page.https://www.paranormaldatabase.com/calendar/Pages/oct.php

By Jocelyne LeBlanc
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