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Gloria defends Rabiya: ‘Kamukha siya ng anak ko’

Gloria Diaz and Rabiya Mateo
Gloria Diaz and Rabiya Mateo

GLORIA Diaz is the country’s first Miss Universe winner and at the zoom presscon of “Oh My Dad”, she is asked what can she say about the current controversial win of Rabiya Mateo as Miss Universe Philippines in which she was one of the judges.

“Actually, I love the winner,” she quickly answers. “She is so beautiful.”

Was she surprised when Rabiya’s winning became controversial? “Not really. Kasi every year naman, laging ganun, e. Not everyone is satisfied, so hindi nawawala iyung ganung controversy sa beauty competitions. Lagi na lang may natalo na ang sasabihin, dinaya sila. That’s the usual thing.”

She herself predicted that Rabiya would win that night. “Super ganda niya, kasi kamukha niya si Belle (her daughter, Isabelle Daza). She’s very natural. Even her answer, I like it. But the truth is, there were so many pretty ones that night. People should not forget na pag may nanalo, ibig sabihin, siya na ang pinakamaganda. Siya ang pinakamasuwerte. Pag hindi ka ngayon nanalo, just try again. Pag hindi pa rin, then try again. Di ba ganyan ang mga ginagawa sa ngayon? ’Yan na kasi ang uso nga­yon. Basta maganda just like my daughter, okay. Pag hindi sila kamukha, hindi maganda. Hahaha!”

Gloria is very happy that their sitcom, “Oh My Dad”, is rating quite well and getting very favorable feedback from satisfied viewers. They’re still doing lock in taping at Fontana Resort in Clark, Pampanga to finish at least two seasons of the show, with 13 episodes each season.

“We’re one big family on the set. Kami ng buong cast, from Ian Veneracion and his kids, sina Sue Ramirez, Louise Abuel and Adrian Lindayag, and Ariel Ureta as my love interest, plus Jeffrey Jeturian as our director. Masaya kaming lahat and our producer, Atty. Joji Alonso pampers us with so much food. Masarap din ang lock in taping kasi we have our own villas in Fontana, wala ng travel time, pag labas mo ng villa, nandiyan na yung set, wala pang puyatan, so it’s so much easier.”

“Oh My Dad” is seen on TV5 every Saturday from 5 to 6 PM, right after “Rated Korina”.