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GODSOME: Clash of Gods grants playtime rewards, multi-character system and more in April update

GODSOME: Clash of Gods April Update

Players can battle it out with the addition of epic new features fit for a god

SEOUL – April 24, 2023 – The April update for Nexon’s mobile MMORTS GODSOME: Clash of Gods invites players to charge into battle with godly new features. Players in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines can face off with the addition of epic playtime rewards, a new and improved ability reset system, multi-character creation, multi-troop selection and more.

Players who join the battle will experience:

  • Various Playtime Rewards – Depending on daily playtime, players can earn a variety of epic rewards.
  • Improved Ability Reset System – The addition of the ability reset system will reset all Gods’ Ability points, allowing players to redistribute newly added or modified abilities to Gods and experience better balanced gameplay.
  • New Multi-Character System – Now, players can create up to two prophets in a single server, per account.
  • Multi-Troop Selection Feature – This added feature allows players to select multiple troops and command them all at once.
  • Four Languages Added – Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Turkish are now added in-game, so even more players can enjoy the battle in their native tongue.
  • Several Quality-of-Life Improvements – Players can appreciate various improvements to game design including pop-up windows, icons and more.

About GODSOME: Clash of Gods

GODSOME: Clash of Gods is a new MMORTS mobile game developed by Nexon Games. It combines MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) elements through which large numbers of players can interact and battle in a vast continent and at the same time control troops in real time to devise strategies and triumph in the battlefield. Players can choose one from seven different mythologies and develop their gods to lead them into battle.

GODSOME: Clash of Gods officially launched on Oct. 20 in select countries:

Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. This new MMORTS masterpiece by Nexon Games is available for both Android and iOS devices. More regions will be available soon.

GODSOME: Clash of Gods is available to download here.

GODSOME: Clash of Gods – Game Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/RGK-o6Oh3gU

Website: http://godsome.nexon.com/
Forum: https://forum.nexon.com/godsome
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godsomeofficial
Discord: https://discord.gg/godsome
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@godsome

About NEXON Co., Ltd. https://company.nexon.co.jp/en/

Founded in 1994, NEXON Co., Ltd. (Nexon) (3659.TO) is a company engaged in the production, development and operation of online games and Virtual Worlds. First listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2011, Nexon was placed on JPX400 in 2015 and added to the Nikkei Stock Index 300 in 2017. In 2020, Nexon was added to the Nikkei 225. Nexon currently has more than 45 live games on multiple platforms including mobile and available in more than 190 countries. Major game franchises include MapleStory, KartRider and Dungeon&Fighter. In 2021, Nexon completed the acquisition of Embark Studios AB, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden, developing multiple projects for global release.

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