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Good family values and love in Ian’s new show

Ian Veneracion

THE Ian Veneracion sitcom on TV5, titled “Oh My Dad”, is a wholesome family sitcom so we stand corrected when we wrote previously that its premise of Ian being a womanizing father doesn’t augur well for the show.

The show will be produced by Bright Lights of Rep. Albee Benitez, written by Alpha Habon and directed by Jeffrey Jeturian, with Atty. Joji Alonso as supervising producer. Ian is said to be very pleased with his demanding role which is about the challenges of being a father who doesn’t have an inkling he had actually sired several kids.

In the story, Ian plays a top and hotshot basketball player who became a swellhead at the peak of his career. But his career took a nosedive when he got involved in a scandal and he never recovered. He went to the U.S. and tried other jobs for several years. He then returned to the country and stayed with his dad, played by Ariel Ureta. Their neighbor is Gloria Diaz, with Dimples Romana as her niece. So Ian and Dimples are not a married couple as we earlier wrote.

Ian gets the surprise of his life when a young man, played by award-winning young actor Louise Abuel of “Edward”, showed up claiming that Ian is his dad. After Louise, a girl then comes up to say she’s Ian daughter with a girl from the province, played by Sue Ramirez.

And lastly, another man, played by Macoy Dubs or Auntie Julie, shows up to claim that Ian is also his dad. The inclusion of Macoy Dubs and how Ian gets to accept having a gay son will surely please the LGBT community. We’re told the show will foster nothing but good family values and love.

Alden safe with Jasmine

ALDEN Richards has finally started his lock-in taping for his “Love on the Balcony” episode of GMA-7’s new drama anthology show, “I Can See You”. He is paired for the first time with Jasmine Curtis-Smith, who just finished taping all her scenes for “Descendants of the Sun” in the mountains of Tanay.

They first worked together in the movie “Imagine You & Me”, but Jasmine was just the third wheel then in the love team of Alden and Maine Mendoza. Now, they play each other’s love interest. Some folks are apprehensive that Jasmine might be attacked by diehard AlDub fans who hate to see Alden being paired with anyone other than their idol, Maine Mendoza.

But more open-minded fans welcome seeing Alden being paired with other actresses. They say that both Alden and Jasmine are good actors so it’s nice to see them doing a dramatic love story together. As one netizen says upon seeing their on-the-set photos of “I Can See You”: “They have good chemistry and this is something to look forward to.”

Another netizen says AlDub loyal fans have nothing to worry about since it’s common knowledge that Jasmine has been in a three-year relationship with the good looking La Union public official, Jeff Ortega. So, her working relationship with Alden will be just purely professional.

In the unusual love story amidst the pandemic, Alden plays a wedding videographer while Jasmine is a nurse. When the lockdown was declared, they both have to stay in the same condominium building where the live and they would meet each other at the balcony, where love eventually blooms between them. As usual, they follow safety protocols and both had a swab test along with the crew before taping started. They’re happy they both registered negative to the corona virus.

Alden has three current shows: “Eat Bulaga”, “All Out Sunday” and the rewind of “One True Love”. Now, aside from “I Can See You”, he’s also doing another new show for GMA News and Public Affairs, a magazine show titled “Lockdown: Food Diaries”. No doubt he is now the busiest and most popular Kapuso star.

“Food Diaries” will tackle the various problems and setbacks suffered by the local food industry because of the corona lockdown. Alden is a perfect host for this kind of show as we all know he has a chain of restos called Concha’s, where they serve the best kare-kare ever. This will start its telecast on September 27.

Meantime, Alden is so happy that the replay of his afternoon soap, “One True Love”, is doing very well in the ratings game so it’s telecast will not be edited to shorten it. Instead, it’s going to be extended for five more weeks.