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Group sees Recto appointment big boost to digital economy

Ralph Recto

“A network of digital advocates sees the appointment of Secretary Ralph Recto to the Department of Finance as a significant boost to the growing digital economy in the Philippines.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that Secretary Ralph Recto’s appointment to the DOF is a welcome development, as he has consistently shown competence in recognizing the profound impact of technology on the financial landscape.

“As we stand at the intersection of traditional finance and emerging digital trends, Secretary Recto’s expertise will play a pivotal role in shaping policies that foster innovation, security, and financial inclusivity.”

Gustilo also said that their group is eager to collaborate with Secretary Recto in navigating the complex terrain of digital finance effectively. Digital economy grew significantly since the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, where the use of digital financial apps, online shopping, e-learning and other aspects of everyday life was infused with the use of digital technology.

“We express our sincere willingness to engage in a collaborative partnership with the newly appointed DOF Chief. Together, we can utilize our collective knowledge, tools, and insights to craft strategic frameworks that not only address the challenges of the digital era but also capitalize on the opportunities that it presents.”

Gustilo added that the group’s commitment to working in tandem with Secretary Recto aligns with their group’s program and Senator Recto’s track record working with cause-oriented groups in fostering an adaptive financial ecosystem that serves the needs of the public.

“Our organization stands ready to contribute actively to the development and implementation of forward-thinking policies. By fostering an open and cooperative dialogue, we aim to create an environment where digital finance can thrive responsibly, benefiting both the government and the people it serves. We look forward to the DOF’s programs that propels our financial sector into a prosperous digital future.”

Secretary Ralph Recto previously served as the Representative of the sixth district of Batangas in the House of Representatives. He was also a three-term Senator and served as the Director-General of the National Economic Development Authority and Secretary of Socioeconomic Planning in 2008.

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