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Guangdong int’l boutique fair to be held online Oct. 19-23

GUANGDONG International Boutique Fair-Stationery and Gifts is among the series of International Boutique Fairs hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Committee, with an aim to open up new channels of foreign trade for small and medium-sized import and export enterprises in the vertical field.

Due to the peak season for gift purchasing, coupled with huge market demands brought by “Christmas economy” in western culture, October has become the golden time of gift trade. This year, although unfavorable factors, such as rising raw material prices and COVID-19 epidemic, have certain impacts on gift exports, the overall export volume is still impressive.

As the gift industry is driven by consumers at home and abroad, under the background of normalization of prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic, online and offline innovative exhibition service is an important measure to accelerate industry recovery and development.

Guangdong International Boutique Fair-Stationery & Gifts will be held online on the platform of the International Trade Online Expo (ITOE) (www.itoegd.com for Chinese and http://en.itoegd.com for English), which will last five days from October 19-23, 2020.

Registration ends by October 18, 2020. During this event, a number of special online matchmaking sessions for stationery and gifts will be held to provide enterprises with “one-to-one” business matching services, so that enterprises can truly enjoy “exhibition, negotiation, docking, and signing online” as well as other services.

The Boutique Fair-Stationery & Gifts will be hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Committee and Overseas Chinese Think Tank, co-hosted by various cooperative societies including Guangdong Chamber of International Commerce, Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Representative Offices, Overseas Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, and organized by Guangdong Guangzhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd, through fully integrating domestic and foreign enterprises, to build an online exhibition service platform for exhibitions, promote exchanges and transactions for enterprises, and facilitate “Made in Guangdong” in the field of gifts to go overseas to realize global trade.