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Half-Human, Half-Dragon Kaiser Warrior Class Unleashes Power In Latest MapleStoryM Update

Improved systems and limited-time events arrive for month-long content update

LOS ANGELES – May 7, 2021 – MapleStory M, the free-to-play mobile MMORPG, is expanding with the introduction of the legendary half-human, half-dragon warrior, Kaiser, and a new Legion System in the game’s latest update, available now.

MapleStoryM Kaiser

Wielding a massive two-handed sword during battle, Kaiser is an ultra powerful Nova Warrior hero who can build up a Morph Gauge by performing combos and special attacks. Once filled, this Morph Gauge briefly allows Kaiser to become his true form, making him nearly invincible for a short time. The update also brings new equipment for Kaiser, along with the Grandis area and new monsters.

In addition to the new character, today’s update also adds a new Legion System. This system is similar to the existing Maple Tree Festival System in MapleStory M, allowing players to designate occupation areas for their characters and give bonuses account-wide for their other characters in the same world. The system will also consolidate and rank information and levels of these same world characters to make things more organized.

To celebrate Kaiser’s arrival in MapleStory M, there will a number of specially-themed limited-time events:

  • Kaiser Burning Event: From now until Sunday, June 6, there will be a 1+2 Level-Up event for Kaiser characters.
  • Kaiser Growth Support: For a limited time, items needed for Kaiser’s growth at each level will be distributed to players.
  • Kaiser On-Time: From now until Thursday, May 13, players who log in will receive a Kaiser Update Box featuring an extra character slot coupon, an auto-battle charge ticket (30 min), a Whetstone, and more.

Additional miscellaneous event have also been added:

  • Haste: From now until Thursday, May 27, a certain number of daily missions will be available each day, and users who clear these missions will be allowed to open one reward box. Once a daily mission is complete, a Hidden Mission will be presented. Players will be given extra hunting and buff benefits to use in places like the Dungeons or Star Force Field.
  • Plant Flowers with Camila: Users can claim this event on their account to receive a seed and plant it on the event page. The seed will be able to bloom after 24 hours and will reward the player once fully bloomed. This 24-hour wait period can be reduced with extra action from the player.
  • Lady Blair Dream Express: Beginning Thursday, May 13 through Thursday, May 27, players can participate in Lady Blair’s Secret Vault! The event allows players to move numerous items including style, mount, pets, and damage skin to other characters through Lady Blair’s Secret Vault. This ability is available only during the specific event period.
  • Traveling the World with Miyo: From now until Wednesday, June 30, players can receive new pets, skins and outfits by following in the same format as the existing long-term attendance sheet. These include battle support items, pets, skins and skin slot expansion tickets.
  • Gift Box Event: From Thursday, May 27 to Thursday, June 10, players can collect keys dropped through hunting to unlock a Maple Gift Box from their Event Tab. If the user is able to unlock and open all 10 Maple Gift Boxes, they can obtain a Special Gift Box. This gift box will vary in level up to level 3 based on how many times all 10 Maple Gift Boxes are obtained by the user and others.
  • June Monthly Attendance Sheet: This event will last throughout the entire month of June and is the same as the existing Monthly Attendance Sheet.

The amount of EXP required to level up has also been adjusted for quicker levelling up between levels 35-220, making it much easier to complete guide missions. Compensation rates have been raised to support equipment growth, weapon and armor Star Force 1-10 enhancement costs have been lowered, and Hunt and Collect requirements in Quest have also been lowered for overall advancement improvements in game.

The Monster Collection has also been updated to include Pantheon area monsters and display the collection amount in the monster collection area achievement.

To learn more about MapleStory M, visit the App Store or Google Play page and follow @PlayMapleM on Twitter for the latest updates.

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