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Help fight corruption

Bantay Corrupt

FOUR-and-a-half years after President Rodrigo Duterte assumed the top political post of the land on June 30, 2016, “larceny” is still taking place in many government offices and agencies.

In other words, crooks and vultures in state uniform continue to make a mockery of the Duterte administration’s anti-corruption crusade, dipping their grubby fingers in the cookie jar.

And with just 19 months left in his six-year presidency, the hard-hitting Chief Executive from impoverished Mindanao has no choice but to decree an all-out war against corruption.

Last Monday, President Duterte, a lawyer and a former state prosecutor, urged the public to report to government authorities corruption activities and other anomalies in the bureaucracy.

It will be recalled that in 2018, Duterte launched the Emergency 911 Hotline as the nationwide emergency answering point, replacing the then Patrol 117 to conform to international standards.

To encourage people, including the man on the street, to join the war against graft and corruption, Duterte said informants need not give names as mentioning the office or agency is enough.

In fact, if you have complaints or grievances about corrupt, lazy or incompetent government officials and employees, all you have to do is to text the “8888Citizens Complaint Center or CCC.

After receiving the complaints and grievances, the “8888 CCC” endorses them to concerned departments, offices or agencies for action, according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

Those who are corrupt, lazy and incompetent in the government be forewarned: You are now one text away,” Roque, a former member of the House of Representatives, warned.

He said the new platform or communication channel, which had its soft launch last November 3, would give a boost to the good governance campaign of the Duterte administration.

Certainly, the suffering Filipino people just want to see the “thieves in state uniform,” who are known for their unparalleled greed, arrested, charged in court and jailed if found guilty.