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Here’s Why People Love GCash (Uses & Benefits)

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Winsley Bangit, GCash Chief Customer Officer, once said, “The latest statistics said that 44% of Filipinos still don’t have a bank account.” And that’s for certain reasons. Many Filipinos live far away from a bank, and banks are also intimidating for the less fortunate. They also don’t have enough funds to open an account. But here comes GCash, the most trusted eWallet in the Philippines.

What is GCash?

It is a mobile app that provides payment and remittance services to millions of people, allowing them to begin and complete a transaction in place – and without leaving their homes to fall in long lines in banks, BAYAD centers (bills payment centers), and remittance centers.

It’s an e-wallet app that has cornered the “sachet” economy of the country, offering people a safe, secure, and convenient way to pay bills, buy loads, shop online, and donate to charitable organizations, among others.

Currently, there are 81 million active GCash users, as of May 2023. No doubt because it makes every financial transaction more convenient at a different level and converts every mobile number into a financial account.

Here are more of its use cases:

  • Send or receive money
  • Request money
  • Pay bills
  • Borrow load
  • Bank transfers
  • Scan and pay via the QR code
  • Book flights
  • Invest money
  • Save money
  • Borrow money
  • Buy insurance
  • Manage credit
  • Buy games
  • Link to PayPal

Are you passionate about Sabong and looking for a convenient way to place your bets? Look no further! Now, with online sabong gcash, betting on your favorite matches has never been easier. GCash allows for swift, secure transactions, letting you focus on the excitement of the game.

GCash Products

  • GSave: Open online savings account fast using this feature, which CIMB Bank powers. You don’t have to worry about an initial deposit or maintaining a balance at all because there is no minimum amount to deposit nor balance to keep your account active.
  • GInvest: Anyone interested in starting investing can try out this marketplace where to find diverse types of funds to invest in, like ATRAM Trust.
  • GCredit: Qualified users can apply for and be GCredit customers to use the allotted revolving credit line to pay bills, such as electricity, water, and internet. Some users can receive as high as P30, 000 credit limit but with up to three percent interest rate. Users that pay early can benefit from lower interest, though.
  • GInsure: You can now buy insurance conveniently using this Singlife-powered service that offers cash for income loss and cash for dengue costs.

Why People Love GCash (And You, Too)

Transferring money from one account to another is also easy using the EXPRESS Send feature of the app, in which all you have to do is to click “SEND” > Express Send > Mobile Number of the Recipient > Amount > NEXT> Send. That’s it!

In addition, GCash allows the transfer of money to and from almost all banks in the Philippines, offering much-needed convenience. Now, you can send and receive money from other banks or send money to bank users using your GCASH app. All you need are the transaction details, your Smartphone, and an internet connection.

Buying load used to be inconvenient because we needed to go to the store to purchase it, but not anymore when GCash came into the scene. With just a few taps on your phone, you can buy a load for yourself or someone else.

And if you ever run out of wallet balance, it’s easy to cash in using the cash-in feature of the app. Choose from one of the methods like online banks, over-the-counter, or global partners and remittance centers.

Plus, people love GCash because it allows Bills Payments, which used to be full of hassle, considering they needed to fall in long lines to settle their utility bills. GCash changed that. Just go to BILLS, and choose a biller. Follow the next steps and complete your bill payment transaction.

You can also borrow money using this e-wallet, too. Yes, you got that right. Three products, namely, GLoan, GGives, and GCredit allow you to do that. GLoan, for example, gives qualified borrowers the chance to loan up to P125, 000.

Indeed, there is more that GCash offers, which are waiting for you to discover. One thing is sure, though. The e-wallet has undoubtedly changed how we look at finance and it paves the way for more people to have an access to a finance account using their mobile number without needing a bank.

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