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High School Dance Team Wins Peace-themed Virtual Dance Competition

Virtual Dance Competition Awards

High school dance team, Indayaw Dance Company, from Taguig City won as the Grand Champion of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) Virtual Dance Competition for Peace during the final deliberation held on July 7, 2022. They received the cash prize of ₱50,000 and plaque during the Turnover Ceremony held on July 25 at the HWPL Peace Room, Parañaque City Public Library.

Organized by the IPYG in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Manila Metro, the competition was opened in March 2022 to Filipino youth dance groups of all genres to participate.

The finalists were determined through the judges’ deliberation and the scores collected on social media posts in the preliminary round on July 1. In the final deliberation, the performances of the top six finalists were showcased from all over the Philippines. One of the essential evaluation factors of the final score was the ability to convey to viewers the role of youth in spreading a culture of peace.

Indayaw Dance Company
Indayaw Dance Company

Indayaw’s dance performance was inspired by recent global issues such as the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The performance started with a girl who slept disturbed with the news about war. Through an interpretative dance, they expressed chaos, poverty, and conflict over human rights – the girl’s nightmare. Upon waking up, the girl starts to promote peace carrying the hope that one day, there will be no more wars and the people will be united for the future generations. In the act, they also incorporated a short poetry on peace and recited the 10 articles of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

The group name “Indayaw” came from the Tagalog words “indak” and “sayaw” which both mean ‘dance’. The group of 25 students from Signal Village National High School, which performs different types of dances such as folk, modern, and festival dance, had won championship awards in various regional and divisional dance contests representing their school and hometown prior to the competition.

“As the first-ever Champion of the IPYG Dance for Peace Virtual Competition, we promise to continue promoting peace by listening, helping and being kind to each other. With that, there will be peace in every human’s mind and this world will go on peacefully,” said Mr. Jason T. Digneneng, the mentor of Indayaw Dance Company.

The judges of the event were Coach Lowell Tan of the UST Sinag Ballroom Dance Company, World of Dance Philippines Choreographer for DanceSport, and Core Member and Educator at the Philippine DanceSport Federation Academy; Lala Dinglasan, a choreographer and dancer; KP Morales, a content creator and event graphic designer; and Genesis Uz Espina, a content creator and previous performer.

Among the finalists are P-Squad Marawi who bagged the 1st Runner-up, Sining Timunato Dance and Theater Collective as the 2nd Runner-up, Tha’ BC Illest Vibe as the 3rd Runner-up and Newbreedz as the 4th Runner-up.

P-Squad Marawi moved the judges with their performance dedicated to the soldiers of the tragic Marawi siege. The group previously competed on “It’s Showtime” and garnered full marks from the judges during the weekly finals in 2019.

Indayaw Dance Company and P-Squad Marawi signed partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and IPYG Affiliation during the Turnover Ceremony. The three more finalists are yet to sign to become official “peace messengers” of IPYG. Through the partnership, the groups will regularly perform on the national and international events of IPYG and HWPL, and conduct various activities to promote peace among the youths.

Moreover, guest performer, NEWSTYLE, a four-member Filipino Pop Rock boy band also performed their debut single ‘Hanggang Sa Awit Na Lang’ during the intermission.

IPYG is a peace organization established by united youths whose purpose is to protect themselves from threats brought by war and conflict around the world and to leave peace as a legacy for future generations. The organization’s vision is to cultivate a culture of peace and promote its values to all corners of the world through active youth engagements. IPYG also focuses on the Youth Empowerment Peace Workshop (YEPW), a youth consultation platform designed to solve the various challenges the young people are faced with, and the Youth Empowerment Peace Class (YEPC) to solve various problems that threaten the youth and the future of the global village.

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