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The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) hails the heroic sacrifice of our departed overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Angelyn Aguirre who refused to abandon her elderly patient in a bomb shelter amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. “By making the unconditional choice to stay by her patient’s side instead of saving her own life, our kababayan Angelyn exemplified the best in the Filipino even in the worst of times and amid the ravages of war. Angelyn did not only brave uncertainty in a foreign land, to earn a decent living for her family and contribute, like millions of OFWs, significant foreign exchange remittances to our economy, but went above and beyond the call of duty to help others, even at the risk of losing her own life,” stated TUCP President and House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza.

“There are no words to fully express our condolences to the bereaved families of our kababayans whom we lost to this devastating war. But we can take solace in the fact that they will be remembered not only as their family’s dedicated and reliable breadwinners, but as our modern-day heroes not only for their sacrifice for the Philippines but for all peoples they serve with passion and excellence,” underscored Deputy Speaker Mendoza who as then chair of the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs (HCOWA) in the previous Congress, steered the passage of the Department of Migrant Workers Act during the 18th Congress.

“Fueled by our profound sadness and firm resolve to safeguard our Filipinos here and elsewhere, we support the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), in their effort to fast-track coordination with the Israeli Government to ensure the speedy repatriation of the remains of our departed countrymen. Likewise, we call for an emergency repatriation plan to ensure the safety of all our fellow Filipinos by immediately moving them away from harm’s way. Safe passage and transportation are needed in anticipation should the conflict further escalate. We need a whole-of-government response to reciprocate our kababayan Angelyn’s heroism and to save more kababayans from this fatal conflict,” emphasized Deputy Speaker Mendoza.

“We call on the Government, spearheaded by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), DMW, and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), to work triple-time to operationalize a contingency plan with definitive timelines for the repatriation of our countrymen from Gaza and those in Israel who wish to return to the Philippines. Thailand and Singapore are already deploying their air assets to extract their nationals, even working with commercial airlines for chartered flights. Let us not only save our kababayans from being caught in the crossfire between the Israeli forces and the Hamas militants, but rescue them from the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Gaza where trapped residents have no more access to water, food, electricity, and medicine. We badly need to ensure that we can get them out of Gaza amid the volatile situation, the unpredictability of the end-games of the warring sides, and the increasing alert level. For God’s sake, let us get them out of harm’s way,” underscored TUCP Vice President Luis Corral.

“We call on the DFA to work with the global community for the immediate cessation of the war and towards a diplomatic solution to this deeply entrenched conflict that will only claim further lives until and unless diplomacy towards peace is advanced,” stated Corral.

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