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How Can Your IP Address Put You At Risk?

IP Address

Your IP address is responsible for sending as well as receiving all the information online. An IP address is usually a long string of numbers and each device has its own unique IP address. The IP address of your device is like your home address in the physical world. With an IP address, it becomes possible to identify a device and local network. The IP address is not any random number. The numbers of the IP address are usually allocated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. You can check your IP address on What Is My IP. The IP address acts like an identifier which makes it possible to send and receive information on the internet. Even though an IP address is absolutely essential to go online, it also has the power to put you at risk. However, one might wonder how exactly one can find the IP address of different users.

How One Can Know The IP Address Of Another User?

All the IP addresses are unique and therefore, it holds essential information about you. There are many ways through which one can find the IP address of other users. The IP address of your device can be discovered by borrowing your device, from email, and clicking on a link. In addition to that, IP addresses can also be discovered by your router and web server. Your IP address can also be discovered if you end up connecting your device with a fake hotspot. Now that you know how an IP address can be discovered, it is now time to know how the IP address can put you at risk.

How Can Your IP Address Put You At Risk?

With your IP address, one can trace your location and to be specific, the city that you live in. Even though this does not sound like a big problem, this can put you at risk if someone uses this information with ill intent. Secondly, with your IP address, one can further hack your device. With the IP address, the hackers can go for a brute force for hacking your device and stealing other sensitive information. Also, the IP address of your device can be used for impersonating you. This can prove to be extremely dangerous.

After knowing the IP address, a person can also attack your device with DDoS. in this attack, your device will be flooded with so much traffic that it will end up facing a frequent internet disconnection. Further, if you are a professional employee, your employer can use the IP address to track your activity. At the top of it, with the IP address, someone can frame you for illegal activity. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to protect your IP address to stay safe both in the online and offline world.

How To Protect Your IP Address?

As discussed above, your IP address can put you at tremendous risk and therefore, it is essential to protect your IP address. You can protect your IP address by updating your firewall. However, while doing it go for a strong password for your firewall and also, keep updating this password on a regular basis. Further, take care of the privacy setting that you give to your apps and devices. One also has the option of protecting the IP address using a VPN that allows you to gain internet access with an altogether new IP address with the help of one or more servers. Another simple way of hiding the IP address is by switching to mobile data. When you are accessing the internet through your mobile data, you do not need to worry about IP addresses. Also, go for good antivirus software and keep it updated. A good antivirus can protect your IP address and in turn, protect your identity in the long run.

In short, a lot can be done with your IP address. Therefore, it is important to protect your IP address by maintaining digital hygiene when you go online. Further, avoid lending your device to a stranger. We have already discussed how you can protect your IP address and you should implement it. However, simply focusing on protecting your IP address is not enough. You should in general know how to protect your privacy in the online world.

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