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How Did Mobile Gaming Help In the Growth Of The Gaming Industry?

Mobile Gaming

After the advent of mobile phones, our lives have become better than ever before. It is not surprising to see new advancements being made every day in the field of technology. Video games have followed the same trend and have become better than ever. Mobile gaming has become a trend around the globe that has completely revolutionized the video gaming industry.

Video games were introduced in the 1960s and since then, we have seen so many new advancements being made to video games. With the help of the latest technology, we are enjoying more immersive graphics and gameplay along with the ability to play games online as well. With the rise in the popularity of mobile phones and mobile gaming, the gaming industry has seen a major increase in growth, and for this reason, we will be discussing the contributions of mobile gaming to the growth of the gaming industry.

A New Platform For Gaming

Mobile phones have created a new platform for games and have added more value than ever to the gaming industry. Previously, there used to be either gaming consoles or desktop PCs to play games but with the increasing rise in mobile phone users around the world, mobile gaming is more popular than other platforms out there.

The number of mobile phone gamers that we have available has already surpassed both the console and PC gamers. Since everyone owns a smartphone, it is much easier to just take out your phone from your pocket and start playing games. The number of mobile phone gamers has already surpassed both the PC and console gamers combined.

Mobile gaming has the major share of the gaming industry and more than half of the total gamers consist of mobile phone and tablet gamers.

Mobile Gaming Has A Wider Audience

Mobile gaming has a wider audience because of the affordability of mobile phones. Playing games on consoles and PCs is very expensive because you have to buy consoles and PCs worth hundreds of dollars just to play video games whereas you can buy a mid-range mobile phone for a couple of hundred bucks on which you can play video games along with its several other functions.

Mobile phones have become a necessity and more than half of the world’s population own a mobile phone due to which mobile gaming has a wider audience than other gaming platforms out there. This has completely changed the video gaming industry. Where it used to be only specific people who were able to play video games, with mobile phones every user can play different games, whether it is a simple card game such as Klondike Solitaire or a battle royale game like PUBG Mobile.

The Majority Of The Games Are Available For Free

Mobile phones have provided a platform where gamers can enjoy most gaming titles for free. If we compare a gaming title of a PC or console to a mobile phone gaming title then one has to spend a lot of money just to buy a single game for a PC or console whereas you can download a majority of the games for free on mobile phones.

It is also cheaper to develop mobile games as compared to other platforms. Game development costs and marketing expenditures for consoles and PCs are very high as compared to mobile games. For mobile games, the game development costs are only a fraction of PC and console games. Therefore, mobile phones provide a platform where gamers can enjoy their favorite games for free.

Well-Known Gaming Titles Brought To Mobile Phones

Because of how popular mobile gaming is, several game publishers and creators have brought well-known game titles to mobile phones in recent years. We have seen games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Apex Legends, FIFA, etc being built for mobile devices because of the popularity of mobile games.

These are very famous games that have been popular on both desktop and consoles & because of their craze, game creators had to bring these games to mobile devices to maximize their revenue. With more and more people owning mobile devices, we are seeing many well-known game titles being bought on mobile phones.

A Holistic Gaming Industry

Previously, we only used to see games of specific categories only. Popular gaming categories including card games like Solitaire, action games, and arcade games used to be very much popular with the public, and games of other categories weren’t that popular due to which developers did not create games for other categories.

But after mobile gaming became popular, we are now seeing games made for different categories. We are now seeing Word Games, RPG, Battle Royales, Strategy Games, and many other games which weren’t popular back then. Thanks to mobile phones, we now have a holistic gaming industry.

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