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How has Gaming Changed the Online Gaming World as we Know It

Online Gaming

When you look at the gaming industry, you will soon see that it has opened the door to a brand-new generation of gamers. Gaming has become so integrated with our modern culture that even the elderly generation know what games are out there, with hits such as Angry Birds taking the world by storm.

The Early Years

The very first game machine came about in 1940. This game was based on a very ancient game known as Nim. It was played by just over 50,000 people during the six months that it went up and studies found that the computer won over 90% of the games. The first gaming design that was suited to more commercial use did not come around until later. Ralph Baer debuted his famous Brown box in 1967.

Arcade Gaming

Taito and Sega were some of the first companies who were able to pique the interest of the public when it came to arcade gaming. They managed to release games such as Crown Special and even Periscope. They then released more games as the years went by. Atari then became the godfather of gaming, and they were the first gaming company who were able to set the benchmark. Now when you look at gaming, youcan play at sites like the Netbet slots platform without even having to visit a brick and stone casino. This is a far cry from the black and white games of Pong that people once played, which at the time was a huge cult game, considered the first of its kind where players interacted with computer generated graphics

Multiplayer Gaming

During the 1970s, a huge number of chain restaurants opened up around the US and they began to install video games so that they could capitalise on the new craze that was happening. The nature of the games sparked a great deal of competition amongst the players, who would all work to record their high score before marking their initials. At this point, you could only play multiplayer if you had both people playing on the same screen. The first true example of competition gaming came with Empire in the year 1973. This was a turn-based game, and it was suited to up to 8 players. It was created for the PLATO network and it achieved a lot of fame during its time.

Gaming in the Present Day

Gaming has been taken to that next level in this day and age. When you look at gaming, you will soon see that you do not need to have a gaming console to take advantage of the latest hits. You can play everything on your phone, and you don’t have to worry about anything. This just goes to show how far things have come and it also goes to show how convenient and accessible things have become. In the years to come, things are going to get even bigger and better, so we are certainly living in a very exciting time. New advancements are being made every day, and this is constantly raising the bar for gaming.

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