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How To Help Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

Meal for kids

ARE you struggling to get your children eat healthy foods? Healthy foods would mean fish, vegetables, fruits and lean meat.

Hotdogs, fries, fried or roast chicken, longganisa and tocino are among the popular foods children love to eat every day. Certainly, most of these are not healthy especially cured meats.

You can get your children eat wholesome foods if you get them involve in cooking their meals. In this way, they’ll become less picky and would learn the importance of healthy eating.

Here’s how:

Give them freedom

Giving them freedom does not mean to let them eat any food they want. Freedom to prepare their food would make them less choosy or picky. Of course you have to supply the healthy ingredients they need so it would instill in their minds that healthy cooking is much better than buying from fastfood restaurants.

Teach them to serve meals family style

By serving foods family style, you’re basically inviting your kids to help themselves to whatever’s on the dining room table. Sit back and watch as your kids do their “chef job”. Let them be adventurous and let them choose a mix of healthy foods especially the quantity or amount of servings each one should eat.

Encourage food play

If you’re a food vlogger, join your kids in preparing food while filming their new-found skills to cook. It can be more fun for you and the kids since they can be seen and adored by your viewers. For starters, give introduce them to new foods and pair them with foods they already love.

Focus on mealtime – not the meal

It would also be ideal to include family mealtime. Research showed that the time we spend together during mealtime routines is way more important than what is on our children’s plates.

Be creative

Always think outside the recipe box. If your child doesn’t like steamed vegetables, don’t give up. Instead, try another way in. For example broccoli, whip up a batch of pan-charred broccoli, creamy broccoli soup, broccoli and chicken stir-fry, or top this healthy veggie with cheese sauce or marinara. Be creative and experiment until you find a recipe your child does like.

Avoid heavy snack

One of the main reasons why children become picky eaters is they eat heavy snacks before mealtime. By the time they eat lunch or dinner, they’re still or already full and foods may no longer look tasty for them. By giving your kids snacks throughout the day with no schedule, they’re less hungry at meal time and this results in them not eating a balanced meal.

Publication Source :    People's Journal