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How Martin remains relevant

Martin Nievera
Martin Nievera

CONCERT king Martin Nievera returns to his roots as he joins Viva Group Of Companies in celebrating Vicor 50th year. As he puts it, “I started with Vicor where recording on vinyl was the norm. I’m lucky to have lived long enough to experience analog and digitals. My joining Viva Group Of Companies was more for the history of it all and less of a career move. Besides,,how can i refuse Boss Vic?

Many big names were products of Vicor and sister label Blackgold. It was on August 18. 1982 when Martin signed up with Vicor and immediately released his debut album Take 1 that included his signature song Be My Lady. More albums followed- The Best Gift (1984). Martin (1985) that included Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin. Miracle (1987) A Martin Nievera Christmas (1989) and Dream.

It was during his Vicor days that he would establish the beginnings of a solid gold career with hits Each Day with You, Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin as the strong foundation in which he will build a showbiz career that remains relevant until today. By the way, Martin could easily come up with a songbook since he has a retentive memory remembering songs that are close to his heart. He cites some songs he considers remarkable and why.

One song that got him interested to sing is One Day in Your Life. In 1981 he joined a singing contest in California USA and sung The Greatest Love of All where he was declared Champion of Champions. He felt honored being chosen to sing Buhay Mo, Buhay Ko, a tribute to the frontliners. When his parents divorced, Never Say Goodbye was born. And for all those who stayed with him throughout his 38-year journey, he chose You Are My Song.

By joining Viva, expect Martin to weave more memories through songs made unforgettable by the one and only concert king.

Ebe performs Rico Blanco song

THE second single of the Rico Blanco Songbook.,Wag Mo Aminin’ is performed by former Sugarfree, frontman Ebe Dancel. He knows that Wag Mo Aminin stylistically suits his singing style. Hence he was able to put his own mark on this alternative pop imbued ballad.

What makes it even more special is that the music video was filmed in Route 196. The music bar which played a big role in the local gig scene closed its doors after 15 years. It features a throwback of some of the biggest OPM bands in the place and will also serve as the last glimpse of Route 196 with ..Ebe Dancel as its last performer.

Rico Blanco Songbook is one of the exciting releases of the year and a salute to the iconic writing style of former Rivermaya frontman Rico Blanco.

Remy Umerez