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How to Apply to Study in the USA as a Filipino Student: Tips and Tricks

Study in the USA

Applying to a different country, especially the US, requires months of planning, research, and cost analysis. For Filipino students, applying to the US is more difficult than for someone with English as their primary language. So here are a few tips to keep in mind while applying to colleges for higher studies in the US.

Start as soon as you can

International students can start applying much earlier as they have to get a lot of documents ready to be able to apply. Starting as soon as possible with the application process will avoid last-minute rushes and leave ample time to update or improve your application.

College applications can be lengthy, so start applications as early as 12 months. Since the US and Philippines follow different school year formats, you will have to start applying while you’re still completing school.

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Calculate costs

Studying in the US is relatively expensive, with several universities charging more than what is feasible for many international students. While you might find a college that delivers exactly what you wish to learn, the tuition fee may not be affordable.

So it’s important to check both the quality of education and curriculum while also checking to see if you can afford it. Don’t forget about your living expenses either. You can always find a job to pay for your personal expenses, but it’s better to include an emergency fund in your budget.

A good way to keep a tally of expenses is to create a spreadsheet and enter the name of each college and its tuition fee. Then include your living expenses and see if it fits your budget. If it does, apply to the college. But if it doesn’t, either avoid applying or look for any monetary support that can make the college more affordable.

Study in the USA

Find a college near friends and relatives

If you have any friends or relatives in the US, look for colleges near them. If you are able to find a good college near a relative, you can stay with them and drastically reduce your living expenses.

Moreover, after moving to a different country, you’d be able to cope better with the change in the environment if you have familiar faces around. They can act as your legal guardians during your education and ensure your care and safety.

If you don’t have any relatives in the US, look for neighborhoods that may have more people from your community. Such neighborhoods can also be advantageous.

Prepare for SAT

To be eligible to apply to colleges in the US, you will have to give a couple of examinations. The first is SAT or ACT. These are aptitude tests that measure your mathematical abilities, proficiency in English, and writing skills. These are deemed important to be able to study in US colleges.

Every college has a minimum SAT or ACT score you must reach. While you must aim to score high in your exam, you can check the minimum SAT score you need to be eligible for your preferred colleges. Even if you don’t score remarkably well, you must at least clear the minimum SAT score requirements for your preferred colleges.

Prepare for TOEFL

The second exam is TOEFL. It’s meant for those students whose first language is not English. The exam checks your English proficiency and determines whether or not you would be able to comprehend what’s taught in the classes.

Preparation for TOEFL can happen alongside your SAT prep as both exams test your grasp of English. Once you’ve completed the examination, your scores will be directly sent to the colleges of your choice. Similar to SAT, each college has a minimum TOEFL score. Cross-check and ensure you have studied well to be able to reach the required scores.


Keeping all these points in mind while applying for colleges in the US would make the entire process systematic and a lot easier. Make a checklist for each step and start ticking each step once you’ve completed it. You’ll always be on top of your application process and be able to submit it well before the deadline.

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