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How to choose a photographer for a wedding in Manila

Wedding photographer in Manila

The Philippines is a land of opportunity, and the capital of the state, Manila, is a city that is able to embody any ideas. This is a real paradise for lovers of classic seaside holidays and connoisseurs of thrills. Thousands of tourists come here every year. There is a contrast of views and locations that allow you to take gorgeous photos. Couples in love like to hold weddings in Manila. The sea, historical sights, noisy parties on the beach or yacht, check – ins are a great subject for photos of a family photo album and the beginning of a long happy life. There are many first-class photographers in the city. Choosing a specialist is not easy, but the profile page of Wedding photographers in Manila will help you make the right decision.

Choosing a photographer

Where to start

After the wedding date is selected and the place of celebration is booked, there is one more task – to choose a wedding photographer. Don’t put it off. The search for a specialist sometimes takes a whole month. Real professionals are in demand, their schedule is scheduled for weeks. In this matter, there is also the concept of seasonality, when many weddings take place every day. Choosing a specialist means getting good wedding photos. A lot of things need to be taken into account and paid attention.

View portfolio and reviews

The specialist’s personal page will allow you to conclude in what style he shoots, favorite topics and angles. Anyone who really loves their job will definitely create a page or a group on a social network. Most advertise their services, so they publish works and information about themselves. Such a site is a photographer’s business card. A large catalog of photographers will help you find out basic information about photographers and compare their work. Specialized resources additionally help clients understand which photo format they would like to receive and in which places they should definitely take pictures.

There can be a lot of options for an unusual wedding ceremony in Manila. Some couples are keen on diving, so there is an opportunity to celebrate a wedding right under the water. Some people want to organize a holiday right on the beach. A great option is an event in the garden, where everything is buried in flowers and a cool breeze refreshes the guests.

There is a lot of information on the forums. Happy newlyweds are always happy to share their experiences and often give personal recommendations. Comments from other couples allow you to focus on the work of these or other photographers.

Cost of shooting

It is important to determine the amount that can be spent on services. The real cost is sometimes much more than the lovers planned. To increase the budget for wedding photography, you can give up other less important points (for example, an expensive evening fireworks).

You have to pay for a high-quality result. Bargaining and attempts to reduce the cost of services in this matter are inappropriate. An experienced photographer knows the price for such services and their capabilities. In this case, payment is an additional motivation for the specialist to try and make those same dream photos. The ritual or wedding ceremony will be remembered for a long time by both guests and newlyweds.

The final cost depends on the number of hours of work. The longer the shooting, the higher the price and the bill. All photographers work on this principle.

Personal meeting

The final decision on cooperation with a person can be made only after a conversation. You should not meet with a photographer one-on-one. It is better to go in the company of friends or relatives. They can mark important points that one person probably won’t pay attention to.

Finding a photographer is an important task, and mistakes should not be made here. It’s good if you can find a common language from the very beginning of the meeting. The result of photographing mostly determines the comfort during work. The opinion and direction of work of the photographer and clients should coincide. The presence of disagreements will certainly affect the result. There is a risk that the photos may not meet expectations.

“Rehearsal” shooting

In practice, you can evaluate the capabilities and skills of a photographer even before the main event. Some couples want to feel confident on their wedding day, so they turn to the photographer in advance and order a “rehearsal shoot”. This is an additional expense, but those who used it do not regret it. There is never much romance. An additional holiday is an unforgettable emotion and personal experience, when you can evaluate all the stages from the beginning to the end. Shooting “love story” will show whether it is worth trusting this particular photographer to capture the main day of life. The tropics, the atmosphere of paradise, the smell of fruits, the sound of the surf and the rustle of palm leaves create a special mood and will be remembered forever.

Wedding photographer in Manila

Some choose “little China” for shooting. So you can call Binondo —a large Chinatown in the heart of the city of Manila. It has its own rules and its own culture. Against the background of the architectural sights of Binondo, make a photo shoot in Asian style, and Chinese restaurants with their delicious food are perfect for an unforgettable banquet.

There are many wonderful photographers in Manila, but choosing a real professional who will realize all the dreams and wishes of the newlyweds is not an easy task. Each specialist tries to offer something special – locations, suggest images and the best angles. The future married couple is attracted by the portfolio of each photographer. It’s like the frames of a happy movie – the embodiment of a fairy tale. A real specialist, as a master of his craft and an artist, should feel his heroes, capture the moments of one day. Each picture is a unique emotion, happy eyes, tenderness of touch – something that should remain for a lifetime. Personal communication with a specialist and rehearsal shooting will help to confirm whether the choice was made correctly in favor of a particular photographer.

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