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How To Make Your Makeup Choices More Environment Friendly


These days, people are exploring ways to make their everyday regimen more eco-friendly and they’re looking beyond just getting products that help to show their favorite makeup look. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest beauty trends today is zero-waste beauty routines, and things are now beginning to look easier and interesting for sustainable shoppers.

The right thing to do for the future of our planet is to embrace sustainable practices, and this also cuts across us being a little more eco-friendly with our beauty choices, actions, and decisions. Right now, sustainability is a beauty buzzword, and whether you want to be more conscious of your beauty consumption, start recycling, or you want to limit your plastic usage, there are a couple of tips you can use to contribute your quota in making the planet a healthier space for all species.

When Choosing Your Next Beauty Or Personal Care Product, Think Eco-friendly

It’s advisable that you start thinking of a sustainable alternative you’ll use to replace your products that are not eco-friendly, especially when you notice that you’re about to finish using them. As you plan to make your next beauty purchase, think of sustainable and eco-friendly products. Wherever you have less brand loyalty, you can start considering changing products from there. This is usually a great place to commence your zero waste makeup shopping. It’s actually understandable that finding a suitable and sustainable replacement may take longer but then, who knows, you could be lucky to find a suitable one sooner than you’d expected.

Take The Slow Approach

Explore and take advantage of opportunities to try and test in time for your next purchase. Ask for samples of sustainable alternatives, visit beauty counters, and read reviews online before you go for your new, eco-friendly beauty products.

Keep Your Eyes On Eco-friendly Packaging

Products in glass bottles are more easily recycled and the use of plastic for packaging isn’t an eco-friendly practice. Thus, environmentally-friendly packaging can help you know which beauty or personal care brand you should purchase.

Go For Natural Ingredients

An excellent way to protect the environment and simultaneously protect your health is by going for makeup with natural ingredients. People are exhausted from layering their skin with products made with suspicious and toxic ingredients. In the skincare and beauty industries, consumers are now asking more questions than ever because they want to be sure of what they’re getting. It’s actually a sign that better times are coming; looking at the fact that the demand for natural alternatives is on the increase because toxic chemicals found in makeup have never been healthy for one’s skin nor the environment.

Use Vegan Makeup

Did you know that several famous makeup brands test their products on animals or even use animals in creating their products? From animal fat in foundations and fish scales on your lipstick to crushed beetles on your eyeshadow, makeup is often full of animal products and bi-products. Going for a makeup brand that creates vegan cosmetics and beauty products will be a very great idea.

Less Is More

You don’t really need to buy many makeup products. In fact, reducing the number of products you buy is a simple but practical approach towards a more sustainable makeup routine. Besides, the no-make up make up look is popular these days, so you’ll fit in just fine with less makeup. “Less is more”, remember this.

Wooden Makeup Brushes Are A Thing Now

Yes. You can go for wooden or bamboo handles whenever you want to upgrade your makeup brushes. Wooden makeup brushes are now becoming trendier and you getting some for yourself wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Look For Refillable Containers

No more waste, refill them; your loose powder boxes, foundation bottles, and eyeshadow containers. At a discounted price, you can always refill your makeup containers with more products. All you just have to do is to look for a brand that allows you to refill.

Shop Locally

Shopping locally is a great way to give back to the community and it also helps you cut back on resources required to ship goods from afar. More so, it helps you to cut back on emissions too. It’s advisable that you shop at your local, small beauty stores because the transportation for a parcel to arrive at its destination, the tape, shipping label, receipt, packing paper, shipping container, and lots more are evidence that shipping products create a lot of waste.

Above all, remember that we have nowhere to run to or seek refuge when we destroy our planet and, making conscious eco-friendly decisions starts from the things we consider little or trivial.

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