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How to virtually celebrate Christmas at work

Christmas Work

WHETHER your team is back in the office or still fully remote, the COVID-19 pandemic has put strains on our social life and has been stressful for everyone.

According to the August 2020 Job Report of leading job portal JobStreet, the changes brought about by the crisis saw a remarkable drop in happiness with the quality of life among candidates—from an overwhelming majority to only 38%. The number of candidates unhappy with their quality of life increased almost seven times after the crisis struck.

Even with all this change and uncertainty, it is important to maintain a certain level of normalcy and celebrate like usual. With the holiday season just around the corner, there are many ways to spread the Christmas cheer and keep the traditions alive.

JobStreet shares five fun tips to help you throw a virtual party to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with your colleagues.

Holiday-themed virtual event

The key to a remote company party is figuring out a creative way to keep people engaged and feeling appreciated. Before the event, get your employees in the mood with a creative competition. According to your chosen theme, challenge participants to wear special attire and pick a Zoom background, then reward the most impressive one with a prize.

Excite guests with digital invitations

Digital invitations can be as formal or as simple as you would like. To make your holiday-themed virtual event feel more official, send out digital invitations with an appropriate template to the chosen theme to set the scene and get the guests excited.

Good party package

Keep your virtual event inclusive and send everyone some perks that may be used to enjoy in person.

Look for third party suppliers, such as event companies or hotels who can curate your food menu or stage your virtual event for you to make it even more special and memorable for your employees.

Make it interactive

Including team-building games at a holiday party is a great way to get your team more involved while also creating a healthy level of competition among each other. Plan and prepare games and prizes to get employees laughing, making memories, and most importantly, boosting company culture.

Have a virtual gift exchange, be it Secret Santa or White Elephant. Virtual Secret Santa or White Elephant works the same way as it always does – just online. Pull names out of a hat and assign each name to a person attending the virtual event. Do not forget to give it a theme and put a strict budget on gifts to make it more fun and unified.

End-of-year toast

‘Tis the season to celebrate your team! As the difficult year comes to an end, it is time to pay tribute to each other’s accomplishments. Raise a glass to recognize your employees and the company’s triumphs during this challenging time.

While our holiday parties might look different this year, it is still important to celebrate employees’ achievements and set the stage for a great year ahead. Your team worked hard all year and deserved a chance to unwind, connect, and celebrate the season. Using the ideas on this list, you can throw a festive and memorable online party that will unite and delight your employees while keeping distance.

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