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HP-Miru’s Partnership Shows Commitment to Excellence for the 2025 Elections

MIRU printed test ballots
(Comelec Commissioner Rey Bulay, Consul General of the Philippines, Hon. Marie Yvette Banzon Abalos, HP officials pose with the printed test ballots at the DRUPA conference in Germany)

Comelec envisions a fully automated, transparent, and efficient 2025 Midterm Elections.

Miru, in partnership with HP, is ready to realize this vision with our advanced Miru Election Management System (EMS) and Automatic Counting Machine (ACM), complemented by the HP PageWide Advantage 2200.

Arnon Goldman, General Manager -APJ General Manager of Industrial Print at HP, stated that the HP PageWide Advantage 22000 was built over a decade of field proven HP innovation, saying that the device is “efficient, versatile, easy to upgrade and offers unmatched scalability to profitably for the print industry to grow.”

The HP-printed test ballots were presented in Düsseldorf, Germany on June 3 for the MIRU-COMELEC Day at the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, DRUPA 2024. COMELEC Commissioner Rey Bulay and Philippines Consul Cecille Joyce Lao were among those present at the trade event to ensure the quality of the systems are up to par with the poll body’s standards and the needs of the Filipino people.

In a message at the event, Commission on Elections Chairman, George Erwin Garcia shared, “This is a testament as well to the far-reaching impact of printing technologies. In the COMELEC’s case, technological advancements made in this field are used to breathe life to the right of the people to choose their destinies.”

“Investing in two new HP PageWide Advantage 2200, reaffirms our commitment to Philippine Commission on Election ensures a seamless electoral process, promoting transparency and reliability. Empowering COMELEC with real time data and insights to maintain confidence and integrity throughout the election period,” said Mr. Ken Cho, Vice President, MIRU Systems when discussing how Miru is committed to providing and implementing the highest standards of technology and support for a transparent and efficient 2025 Midterm Election.

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