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Huey, Arcilla on the warpath

Arcilla: Voicing his displeasure.

THE clamor for the Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA) to get its act together amidst the two-year suspension slapped on them by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), is getting stronger and stronger.

Tennis champions and many-time national team players Treat Huey and Johnny Arcilla have already voiced out their displeasure over PHILTA for not addressing the issues that led to the suspension.

I have heard rumours about the ITF suspending PHILTA. If my fellow players are barred from Davis Cup and other international team competitions, it would be a huge blow to our livelihood in an already trying time,” said Huey.

The athletes should not suffer because of what’s happening behind the scenes that we have no control of and are not aware of. I really hope there is going to be an upcoming election that keeps the players informed and aware especially in the tough times we are in right now. I just want to have the chance and be able to get back to competing again after what was a crazy 2020”, added Huey.”

Kelangan ayusin agad ng PHILTA tong gusot na to, make changes for the betterment pf Philippine tennis like programs for national athletes. Kawawa kaming mga players especially the national team players ang upcoming junior players na apektado nitong suspension na to, said Arcilla.

These comes from the heels of another national team player Francis Casey Alcantara and a parent of an upcoming junior player expressing disgust over the situation brought about by the negligence of PHILTA in addressing several issues by ITF most notably lack of proper representations and memberships in the organization as well as lack of programs and accomplishments in the past years.

Makati City Pabakuna

ITF President David Haggerty noted that the association is made up of an “exclusive membership base” which does not qualify PHILTA to be a national sporting federation.

The events that transpired also prompted Haggerty to ask from PHILTA their plan of action in diversifying its membership so that an election may take place.

Haggerty also noted that NSAs must comprise of regional representatives of sports organizations and should be presided over by sporting clubs.

The Philippine tennis community especially the national athletes are awaiting for PHILTA to start acting on the issue and forego all excuses and finger pointing.

After all, they have no one else to blame for this mess but themselves.