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Huli: A Surrealistic Look at the Future


Recto Pictures and Salimbayan Films are about to release a surrealistic film entitled “Húli,” written and directed by Dawn Ivee.

Húli is about a lonely woman named Dolor who tries to keep the last fish—the light in her dark world. It delves into the future, where marine life has ended, and there is foreboding darkness. So, when a fish suddenly brightens up the world, Dolor gets conflicted between eating it or keeping it.

The film is inspired by a 2006 study by marine researcher Boris Worm, who investigated the dangers of marine life in the future. They concluded that by 2048, the ocean and fish might die. The life we know now will drastically change and lead to a lower quality of life. Húli is a surrealistic presentation of what would happen to humans without fish. It gives a striking reminder that we may currently have plenty of fish in the sea, but there will come a time when they will all float dead. Darkness will take hold of our world, and people will struggle between hunger and despair.

Recto Pictures

Recto Pictures and Salimbayan Films are production groups of student filmmakers working together to advocate for the common goal of using cinema to contribute to a better society, particularly in dealing with issues related to our environment.

Húli is a film written and directed by Dawn Ivee and produced by Jameil Adal and Kiara Ricamara: starring Sofia Mae Santiago—a theater actor from the University of Santo Tomas organization Mediartrix. Chariz Dudas, the director of photography, led the film’s cinematography with co-camera operators Axl Edison and assistant director Ruth Trinidad. The film’s production design is headed by Miguel Castro, together with Eliah Regio and Ricamara as hair and makeup artists. Dane Asinas is the master editor, script supervisor, and BTS photographer who worked with Axl Edison as the film colorist and Renan Serrano as the visual effects artist.

Recto Pictures

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