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I agree with Danao; Globe officials lauded

FIRST of all, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the beauteous Ms. Joanna Santiago, Industry Head of the Enterprise Group of Globe Telecoms, for the recent help she extended regarding a concern that had long been bugging yours truly. It only took an hour or two for her to ‘fix’ the problem that had been there for a long time. She is truly deserving of her position and emulation by other telecom officials.

Special thanks too, to Ms. Aileen Ruiz, manager of Globe Glorietta, for the help in this and other problems that we get to encounter once in a while.

Kudos to Globe for having people like them running their affairs! If only other telecom companies are as quick and efficient on acting whenever complaints are presented to them…


Some sort of confusion arose when Interior Secretary Eduardo Año and National Capital Region Office chief Brig. General Vicente Danao issued opposing announcements recently.

Ano said that children will now be allowed into malls in areas that are under general community quarantine (GCQ) provided they are accompanied by their parents or guardians , while Danao said otherwise, even adding that only authorized persons outside homes (APOR) would be allowed entry into shopping malls.

“That’s not allowed in the GCQ. Actually, we’ll be having a meeting with mall managers…that non-APORs will not be allowed entry because we will be expecting an influx of people inside malls and other places of convergence…to avoid getting infected with COVID, it’s better not to allow children to enter malls for now,” said Danao.

Danao also said local government units first need to pass respective ordinances if minors will indeed be allowed inside malls.

I am all for Danao’s pronouncements.

Makati City Pabakuna

Based on latest statistic, the Philippines has the second highest number of COVID-19 infections in Southeast Asia, with 431,630 cases, including 398,658 recoveries and 8,392 deaths. Allowing minors in malls is such a big risk. Health expert Dr. Anthony Leachon has warned that these kids could become ‘super spreaders’ and I totally agree. Take note. Despite repeated, continuous warnings and reminders from both the national and local governments about wearing masks and observing proper physical distancing, those who are allowed outside residences or APORs either blatantly disregard the protocols or simply forget.

These APORs are adults. If they cannot be controlled or disciplined totally, what more of children who do not even comprehend fully what the pandemic is all about? Do we expect them to be constantly following protocols? Really? It’s not like not bringing the kids to the malls or other enclosed places is a matter of life and death for them. They will not die if they continue to stay home. The fact is that they may die if they are allowed to go out despite belonging to what is considered a ‘high-risk age group’ and expose themselves to the risk of getting infected.

No country is ever ready for another surge of coronavirus cases. If first world countries say so, moreso in ours.


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Jokjok (from Ma. Luisa Catacutan of Batangas City)— PEDRO: Pare, ano ang pagkakaiba ng Biology at Sociology?/JUAN: Ganito lang ‘yan. Pag ang sanggol kamukha ng tatay, ‘Biology’ ‘yun. Pag kamukha naman ng kapitbahay ninyo ang sanggol, sociology yun.


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