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Ian’s show teaches love and acceptance

Ian Veneracion
Ian Veneracion

IAN Veneracion is elated with the good feedback that his sitcom on TV5, “Oh My Dad”, is getting. In the story, he plays an unconventional dad in a modern family. He returns home after several years of stay in the U.S. to discover that he has three illegitimate kids who now all want to stay with him in his home with his dad, Ariel Ureta.

“The show is about family love and acceptance,” he says at the recent zoom presscon for “Oh My Dad”. “I (my character) wasn’t aware na nagkaanak pala ako and now I should try my best to catch with them. Isa sa kanila, si Adrian Lindayag, happens to be gay. My friends will chide me for this but I accept Adrian for what he is. I can really relate with the role as I have a daughter who’s trans in real life and I’m very proud of her. I was even the one who told her na not to be apologetic for what she is. I told her you don’t have to explain your preference to anyone, not even to me. I’m really open to that. Let’s spread love, not hate.”

We’ve seen the show’s first two episodes and what’s nice is that the whole cast of Ian, Ariel, Adrian, plus Dimples Romana, Gloria Diaz, Louise Abuel and Sue Ramirez quickly jelled with each other. It’s obvious that they have immediate rapport and are now comfortable acting with one another, with Direk Jeffrey Jeturian to guide them.

In the pilot episode, we had a good laugh when the mother of Louise Abuel turned out to be Ynez Veneracion, who stole that scene in the presscon where she presented Louise to Ian as their son. She’s leaving him with her as she’s now going to work in Japan. In case you don’t know it, Ynez was named after Ian.

At that time, sexy stars were being named after more established action stars and Regal Films introduced Ynez, whose real name is Sheryl del Rosario, as the counterpart of Ian Veneracion in such films as “Sa Paraiso ni Efren” and “Alindog ni Barbara.” Now, after more than two decades, Ian and Ynez finally got the chance to work with each other in Ian’s own sitcom, which is seen on Saturdays, 5 PM, on TV5, right after “Rated Korina”.

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