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ICC, Justice, Bad Habit

Bad Habit

Why put colors on or impute politics into critical issues of the day, much less when controversies that surround them seem to be turning out as good and laudable? Why such a vicious habit?

Take for example the fresh news of the BBM administration doing some re-thinking on its position on the investigation of the bloody drug war by the previous administration, and its contemplation on rejoining the International Criminal Court (ICC) in connection with it, not to mention the phenomenally evolving Leila de Lima case.

There is no such political “turning of the tide” in the ICC issue, dear pathetically color-minded pundits. It is a turning of the heart of some people in positions of power (miraculously), aided by seared/stricken but healing consciences, and awakened souls – in rapport and affinity with the Divine moving and workings, by His grace and mercy.

For goodness’ sake, knock politics out and shun/drive politics away from the issue and all the other issues that are unfolding and undergoing resolutions and transformations under President Bongbong Marcos. The ICC brouhaha is all about justice and serving justice to the countless, numberless, hapless, helpless, powerless victims of extrajudicial killings, estimated (by various human rights body) to be about 30,000 innocent and “guilty” souls, including the innumerable victims that were categorized by the heartless as collateral damage.

Have a heart. The ICC issue is nothing about politics and personalities, and inanities. Otherwise, nothing good will ever come out of it all, come what may.

Do away with deleterious, stupid “personality” or “politics”-mindedness. Do right. Championing justice and righteousness for the country amid crucial, important issues of national concern, much less those that involve dead victims of successive, individual, patterned operations or massacre/insanity – are works of the Great Sovereign, in answer to the cries, prayers and pleadings of the living.

“If you see oppression of the poor and denial of justice and righteousness… do not be shocked at the sight; for one official watches over another official, and there are higher officials (and the highest Official) over them.” – Ecclesiastes 5:8


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