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Immigration agent refuses bribe to facilitate excluded Indian, gets commended by BI chief

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AN immigration agent who refused the bribe of an excluded Indian national was commended by Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Norman Tansingco.

The Indian man, identified as Jaskaran Singh, 20, was excluded last October 12 at the Clark International airport (CIA) after arriving on board a Scoot Airlines flight from Singapore.

As a consequence of the exclusion, Singh’s name will be included in the bureau’s blacklist, perpetually banning him from entering the country.

Singh was denied entry after being unable to establish both his capacity to sustain himself for his trip and his purpose of travel.

He was excluded based on Section 29(a)5 of the Philippine immigration act and was turned over to the airlines for boarding on the next available flight back to his port of origin.

However, during the exclusion process, Singh handed the phone to border control and intelligence unit (BCIU) personnel Jay Manansala to talk to his alleged father.

Singh’s alleged father offered the sum of P50,000 in exchange for Singh’s release, which the officer refused. This move prompted Singh to exhibit unruly behavior by ranting and shouting at the officer.

Singh then insisted that the officers talk to another unidentified man on the phone, who threatened to sue the officers if they do not release the passenger.

In response to this incident, Tansingco stated: “We commend the unwavering dedication and integrity displayed by our immigration agent in the face of a tempting bribe. Our officers’ commitment to upholding the law and maintaining the integrity of our borders is truly commendable.”

Itchie G. Cabayan
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