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In defense of Chinese nationals in the country; happy bday Cielo of PAL

Cielo ‘diva’ Villaluna
Cielo ‘diva’ Villaluna

FIRST of all, I’d like to wish my good friend, the amiable and bubbly spokesperson of Philippine Airlines, Cielo ‘diva’ Villaluna, a happy, happy birthday!!!

A former media member herself, Cielo was able to establish a relationship with the airport reporters that goes beyond a simple PR-media one because she is a lot of things. She can be ‘sosyal’ and ‘jologs’ at the same time but with her, what you see is what you get. Many happy returns of the day!!

Greetings also coming from your friends, supports and PAL family.


A lot of friends from the Chinese-Filipino community are heavily-offended by the kind of bashing and demonization their likes are being subjected to these past few days, particularly Chinese nationals who have been arriving lately.

The reactions of certain political figures in the country, indeed, border on sensationalism and bullying and this is so unfair, specially for Chinese nationals who have been very helpful to various government agencies in this time of the pandemic.

Friends from the community say these politicians were apparently fed the wrong kind of information which they have used as basis for their bashing activities. It is also apparent that no solid or thorough study was made before hitting and questioning the some four million Chinese nationals staying in the country because the accusations were wrongly-premised.

The members of the Chinese-Filipino community are particularly surprised why one politician appeared surprised (hahah) as to how over three million Chinese nationals were able to gain entry in the past three years, as if they were in hiding.

Worse, some politicians hint at a creeping invasion of the country and say that the presence of the Chinese nationals in the country is a threat to our sovereignty and national security.

A study made by the Integrated Development Studies Institute says that the entry of Chinese nationals into the country had been taking place since time immemorial and that this had resulted in a vibrant economy and stronger ties between Filipinos and the Chinese.

This, according to members of the Chinese-Filipino communities in the country, is how those in government should view the presence of Chinese nationals in the Philippines and that speculating on a possible invasion is simply ridiculous.

Makati City Pabakuna

A study also showed that Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia with the least number of Chinese tourists who are considered as ‘economic engines.’ Some countries, it said, are even wooing Chinese tourists to visit them, specially those from the West.

Japan, it said, receives about 9.5 million Chinese tourists every year and that this spells to an income of $1.5 billion.

Vietnam, the study said, has over five million Chinese tourists despite its animosity with China brought about by their similar claims on the South China Sea. The entry into the country of about 27,000 Chinese retirees spells investments and regarding the issue of Chinese workers, about 80 percent of the empleoyes of Chinese companies here are Filipinos but that these companies still need to bring with them some compatriots for efficiency of coordination and technical needs. In the same breadth, this is also the style being employed by American and Japanese nationals who hire Filipinos in their companies but still get expensive consultants from their respective countries.

Well-placed Chinese businessmen-friends say that thousands of Chinese workers and their technology helped in worthwhile projects in the country among them the construction of the Kennon Road (1900s), Angat Dam, the Rehabilitation Centers in Agusan and Sarangani and the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project. These Chinese projects created 38,000 jobs, according to them.

Filipino engineers also say that Chinese nationals were able to introduce into the country advanced technologies and skills.


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