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Inclusive Learning Delivery Guides: No One Left Behind

Inclusive Learning Delivery Guides

Manila City – The Department of Education through the Bureau of Learning Delivery Student Inclusion Division (BLD-SID) conducted the Workshop on the Development of Inclusive Learning Delivery Guides for Learners with Disability in the K to 12 Program at Manila Gran Opera Hotel last May 8-12, 2023. The said workshop was attended by 336 participants composed of the Education Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, School Heads, and SPED Subject Teachers who have had experience in teaching learners with difficulty/disability and in handling subjects at the elementary level throughout the Philippines.

The workshop’s goal is to create learning delivery instructions that will be used to the instruction and learning of students who have learning challenges or disabilities in an inclusive classroom. Through the promotion of learner wellbeing, inclusive education, and a happy learning environment, as well as through supporting instructors in their efforts to improve their instruction, the activity’s conduct will promote the MATATAG Agenda’s goal of taking excellent care of students.

Inclusive Learning Delivery Guides

Dr. Jose D. Tuguinayo Jr., Chief Education Program Specialist, elaborates that the workshop will be used by the receiving teachers who have a learner with special educational needs in the regular setting. For the meantime, the workshop will focus on all learning areas in Grade 4 level.

Mr. Vic Emerson C. Danao, Supervising Education Program Specialist, introduced one of the strategies in making the inclusive delivery guide like the Jigsaw strategy. After which, Ms. Rosalie E. Bongon explains Instructional design as an anchor for an effective teaching-learning process.

During the activity, all of the participants were divided according to subject areas which are English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, MAPEH, and Edukasyon sa Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan. After writing the inclusive learning delivery guides intended for learners in regular setting, the participants were again grouped according to disabilities.

Inclusive Learning Delivery Guides

The participants analyze and think off possible accommodations, modifications, differentiation, and access to the given activities and tasks in the inclusive learning delivery guide to cater the needs of all learners in the regular setting, with or without disability. After a long week of writing and drafting of the learning delivery guides, the said guides will undergo quality assurance test and its finalization before sending it down to the mass learners.

With the start of the construction of inclusive learning delivery guides, the hopes and yearning of the DepEd BLD-SID to fully reach out to all kinds of learners are carried out in the said workshop and soon to be implemented and given to the ground.

By Racel Joie M. Hortizuela

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