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International Community, Raise Your Voice, Assist Ukraine

Peace in Ukraine - Asia Democracy Network

Seoul, South Korea – February 29, 2022 – The Asia Democracy Network, an umbrella network of civil societies, together with its membership across Asia, stands with the people of Ukraine as they resist the forceful aggression of illiberal forces within their borders. As we confront our own threats to our communities and continue the defense of our own freedoms, we share your pain and we are one with you in clamoring for the international community to act fast against illiberal incursions to democracy, fundamental rights, freedom, peace, and justice. From Afghanistan, Myanmar, to Hong Kong, North Korea, Xinjiang and the South China Sea – we all cry with you and fight with you against this fog of illiberalism attempting to envelop us all.

As Russian troops advance further within Ukrainian borders, we are only seeing suffering experienced by civilians, who are forced into displacement, and are witnessing the destruction of their homes, are suffering the uncertainties and anxieties of never seeing their loved ones, uprooted from their communities, and witnessing their homeland turn to ashes. Russian President Vladimir Putin should have considered these dire consequences before engaging in such destructive actions, without any provocation, the breadth of which we have not witnessed since the last World War. Such actions have far reached consequences not only within Ukraine but also stoke far reaching fears across the world.

We welcome the recent development of Russian and Ukrainian representatives meeting. While President Vladimir Putin might not listen to our calls, we address this communication to the people of Russia. We ask you to continue resisting President Putin and his Government’s actions that have imperiled us all and brought us all much closer to instability. We call on the Russian people to continue advocating for peace. We, as your neighbors, connected by goodwill, will continue to advocate for you and for the people of Ukraine in these troubled times.

As parties meet to attempt to discuss their differences, we ask them to consider the following:

That all parties adhere to the Humanitarian Law, specifically the four 1949 Geneva Conventions and the 1977 First Additional Protocol, to ensure the protection of civilian lives;

We call on both parties to de-escalate the tension, and utilize intergovernmental and diplomatic avenues to resolve the conflict;

That Ukraine’s bordering nations remain open to the civilian refugees who are escaping from the hostility in their country;

We also call for Asian leaders to not remain apathetic to the ongoing conflict, to raise their voice against the loss of lives, the grave humanitarian crisis, and instability to world peace;

That civilians in Ukraine be provided access to resource supplies of water, food, electricity, access to the Internet, and safehouses. We call on the troops not to destroy civilian property and tangible cultural heritages which civilians have so long cherished and protected;

That international humanitarian aid be provided safe access and be permitted to conduct necessary aid to those suffering.

To the people of Ukraine, you have inspired us to continue resisting against the threats of illiberal reach. We will continue to raise our voice with you, and on behalf of you, until Russia and the intergovernmental actors are awakened. We call on the parties to exhaust all means in resolving the conflict in a diplomatic manner.

President Putin must listen to the clamor of the world. We want peace, not war!

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