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Internet firm urged to resolve complaints of subscribers

Alfred Vargas
Rep. Alfred Vargas

QUEZON City Rep. Alfred Vargas on Friday urged fiber internet company Converge ICT Solutions Inc. to immediately resolve mounting complaints from subscribers over its poor service and customer relations.

“Mahalaga ang Internet ngayong may pandemic. For many who, for one reason or another, cannot leave their homes, the Internet is their only link to family, friends, and their community. Kaya mahalaga na maayos ang serbisyo,” Vargas said.

Vargas, who serves as vice chairman of the House committee on public information, said as a subscriber, he had experienced poor service from the company. It took weeks before his complaint over poor connectivity was addressed.

He said he is concerned that until now, the problems remain unresolved and the complaints continue.

“I checked their sites and I saw angry posts and comments from parents whose children could not go online. People who need internet access for work are fuming. I saw comments from very angry subscribers,” Vargas said.

Vargas said Converge should also realize that customer service is as important, if not more important, than building the needed infrastructure.

“Converge should realize that as an Internet service provider, the company should also invest in customer services. Investments in infrastructure and technology are meaningless if the company does not treat its customers well,” he said.

Vargas also reminded Converge to treat its customers equally and avoid giving preferential treatment to high-profile clients.

“Apparently the company advertises but does not respond to complaints. They have been called a ‘utility service company without customer service. But they apparently respond immediately when high-profile clients complain,” Vargas said.

“Mali yan, Converge. Dapat all,” he added.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight