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Isko: Bakuna bago batas

Isko Moreno and Honey Lacuna
Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna explain the advantages of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

“BAKUNA muna bago batas.”

This was the stance taken by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno amid proposals from some sectors to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory, saying he is not sold to the idea.

Instead, Moreno expressed belief that it would be better to encourage the citizens to take the jabs by explaining thoroughly the advantages, if one gets vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“I would rather that we convince the public to voluntarily adhere to safety and make them understand fully the value of safety that inoculation offers. Maraming puwedeng gawing batas…dalin nyo muna bakuna dito kasi yan ang hinihintay ng tao,” he said.

The mayor said that in the city of Manila, the residents are given the choice whether or not they want to avail of the free COVID vaccines and even those who have already registered for vaccination are free to back out if they want.

Moreno stressed that currently, everybody is exposed to a hundred percent risk of dying and it is only through getting vaccinated that we can get some protection from the infection.

The mayor said he and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna have a definitive action plan which is first, to address those who wish to be inoculated while embarking on a program aimed at convincing those who have doubts to also avail of the free vaccines.

“Tayong lahat ay nasa bingit ng alanganin pa rin at 100 percent, most likely, we are in danger but with the safe, certified vaccine, we must get vaccinated and submit ourselves to at least a higher probability of safety,” Moreno said.

He added: “Kung me pangamba pa rin, ‘wag kayo mag-alala at ako ang unang magpapaturok sa harapan ng mga mata ninyo. I will shoulder all your worries as a leader or father of the city.. hinihikayat ko kayo na tumungo tayo sa mataas na safety probability. There is no guarantee, but let me remind each and everyone that we all prayed for the vaccine to come at dininig naman tayo ng Diyos.”

Moreno said the people’s prayers were answered, noting that while it usually takes many years to develop vaccines, the COVID vaccine came in a relatively short span of time.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight