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Isko rewards 73 COVID-free bgys

Isko Moreno
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno yesterday rewarded 73 barangays for having no COVID cases for the past two months. Behind him are Manila Health Department chief Dr. Poks Pangan and (his left) Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

With P100K each 

SUPPRESS the numbers.

This, according to Mayor Isko Moreno, is the continued goal of the local government of Manila with regard to the number of COVID cases in the city, as he announced that such cases have plateaued in the last two weeks and awarded 73 barangays with P100,000 each for being COVID-free for the past two months.

During an interview at the Bonifacio Shrine following yestereday’s regular flag-raising ceremony, Moreno said that based on figures supplied and verified by the Manila Health Department (MHD) chief Dr. Arnold ‘Poks’ Pangan, the cases were consistently below 500 over the past two weeks and that they hope to bring it down to below 400. The budget allotment on the other hand, was worked out by the Manila City Council headed by Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna as its presiding officer.

In awarding the barangays which did not register fresh COVID cases recently, Moreno said that their neighboring villages should inquire how these COVID-free barangays made it to the list and do the same.

Moreno said that acting in unison, Manila can keep COVID-19 at bay and slowly get back up and rev up its economy.

Makati City Pabakuna

In the same interview, Moreno said that Christmas carolling is definitely banned in the city but that Christmas bazaars will be allowed.

Moreno said he will order business permit and licensing office chief Levi Facundo to take care of the matter and encourage budding entrepreneurs to participate and earn.

“While we still focus principally on suppressing the COVID cases, we will also find ways to create job opportunities in the city amid the pandemic,” Moreno assured.

According to Moreno, the bazaars will operate in such a way as they still comply with the health protocols dictated by the national government, as he again reminded the public, specially Manilans that COVID is still around and all necessary precautions should continue like wearing of face masks, washing of hands frequently and watching one’s distance.#