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Isko shares 2 awards with city employees

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno said he shares the two awards received by Manila with all the city employees. Photo JERRY S. TAN

MAYOR Isko Moreno thanked the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for having bestowed two awards to the city government of Manila during the recent holding of the Digital Governance Awards 2020 and dedicated the said recognitions to the city employes.

In his live public address, Moreno said he is particularly sharing the said awards with the city employees concerned, crediting their efforts for the recognition which had eluded the city for many years.

“Im happy to share with you itong ating ‘Go Manila’.. nanalo po ang Maynila after so many years of this competition,” Moreno announced, as he commended electronic data processing department chief Fortune Palileo and the Manila Health Department headed by Dr. Arnold Pangan and the employes under them, for being instrumental in the city’s achievements.

Moreno said it brings him so much happiness and pride that the city, through the efforts of its employes, was able to gain such significant recognition in just a matter of about one year and five months in operation, on top of the Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping it received just last month.

The city government was awarded second place in two categories, namely ‘Best in Customer Empowerment G2C’ and the ‘Occupational Permits and Health Certificate Integration System.’

Over a 100 local government-led programs vied for this year’s awards.

“Sabi sa inyo, magsikap lang tayong maging episyente..tulong-tulong lang tayo mga kasama kong kawani ng pamahalaan. Let’s adapt to technology and offer efficient services through the adaptation of existing technology,” Moreno said.

The mayor added the city government was cited for its ‘Go Manila’ app,an end-to-end solution to tax payment, where a taxpayer may settle his dues without personally appearing at City Hall and wherever he may be, both here and abroad.

By downloading the ‘Go Manila’ app on their mobile cellphones and gadgets, taxpayers may pay while in the comfort of their own homes, save on precious time, effort and transportation and do away with possible exposure to the coronavirus.

The online payment system which is available round-the-clock, covers a wide range of facilities for payment of bills for government and private entities and E-Wallet for loading, payment, sending and receiving of funds. Among many others, it covers payment for real property and business taxes, cedulas (community tax certificates), birth and death certificates, occupational permits and health certificates, ordinance violation receipts (OVRs) and social amelioration programs.

The annual Digital Governance Awards is open to all provincial governors, city and municipal mayors, DILG regional directors, provincial directors, city and municipal local government operations officers.

Publication Source :    People's Journal