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Isko: TeleMedicine offers free digital consultation

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno calls on the public to use Telemedicine which is being used at the GABMMC under Dr. Tex Martin. File photo shows Moreno and Tan. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

IN LIEU of the face-to-face consultation amid the pandemic, Mayor Isko Moreno announced that at least one city-run hospital in Manila will now be employing ‘TeleMedicine,’ where patients may avail of free consultation without having to go to the hospital personally, thus reducing the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Moreno invited the public, specifically Manilans, to learn about the TeleMedicine and how to benefit from it, as the Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center (GABMMC) headed by its director, Dr. Ted Martin, launched its TeleHealth Clinic yesterday (September 14).

The said clinic, according to Moreno, will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.

Patients who are interested may follow the hospital’s official Facebook page: http://facebook.com/gabmmcofficial for important details and information about TeleMedicine and what steps to take for free consultation.

Makati City Pabakuna

Martin explained that the Telemedicine makes use of telephones, cellphones, computers or electronic gadgets instead of the traditional face-to-face consultation, diagnosis, treatment, management, education and follow-up care.

Telemedicine, he added, may also make use of two-way audio and video, patient’s picture, medical images, medical records and other things that are usually important during consultation.

Martin said the hospital’s electronic system will make use of security protocols in its nework and software to ensure protection of the patients’ identitities, privacy, confidentiality and corruption of records.

Through Telemedicine, Martin said a patient will be able to get a medical evaluation and impression and understand his condition better; be guided on how to deal with his condition and what steps to take next; prescription and guidance regarding what possible laboratory or imaging tests he may need.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight