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Isko thanks DU30, DENR for Manila Bay project

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno thanks President Rodrigo Duterte and DENR Sec. Roy Cimatu for helping clean up Manila Bay. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno thanked President Rodrigo Duterte and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) headed by Secretary Roy Cimatu for putting an end to what used to seem like the perennial problem of dirty waters confronting the Manila Bay.

Moreno said that a water quality monitoring machine had been installed at the Manila Bay beach area to regularly check and monitor the cleanliness of the bay waters.

The said kind of machine will also be used to monitor the waters of Pasig River and Baseco as they will be installed at the mouths of the said bodies of water.

“World record na ata tayo sa pagtatapon ng basura sa mga ilog… flying colors sa pagdudumi,” Moreno lamented, as he appealed for everybody to stop throwing anything into the rivers or bays.

Citing an old commercial that used the copy, ‘ang basurang itinapon mo, babalik sa ‘yo,’ the mayor explained that the garbage we indiscrimirnately throw will come back to us in the form of floods caused by clogged sewers and drainage.

Based on information relayed to him, Moreno said the DENR has already installed a water quality monitoring machine about two kilometers from the shore of the Manila Bay beach area.

The said machine, Moreno explained, will be useful in that in the future, the public will be able to know if the measures being undertaken at the Manila Bay are effective.

“Darating ang oras, malalaman mo, effective ba ang ginagawa? Nao-audit mo, di lang puro kiyaw-kiyaw,” he said.

The mayor stressed though, that the entire project will not become successful if the public will not cooperate fully, at least by helping the beach and its waters to be clean at all times.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight